Haircare the natural way with Angel en Provence

Haircare the natural way with Angel en Provence

Natural beauty is big business, and offers a variety of unique benefits to customers seeking to eliminate as many unnecessary chemicals as possible from their own beauty regimes. The Angel En Provence range, new from M & R Ventures, is free from SLS and SLES, as well as unpleasant ingredients such as paraffin and mineral oils.

Following extensive research in response to evolving customer need, manufacturers Dancoly Paris discovered how to craft the finest professional haircare products without resorting to harsh chemicals and additives.

The range is pure, natural and environmentally friendly – carefully formulated into a range of shampoos, conditioners, masks, scalp treatments, styling and finishing products.

So what are some of these wonder ingredients which help the Angel En Provence range to thrive?

Gingo Biloba Leaf Extract deeply moisturizes and repairs even the driest, most damaged hair – ideal for giving over-dyed or un-cared-for hair a little much-needed TLC! Verbena Extract captivates with its fresh scent and provides invigoration and anti-inflammation effects for a sore or aching scalp.

Bitter Orange Flower Extract is brilliant for coloured hair, helping to fight the damaging and fading effects of harmful UV rays to help prolong the sheen of bright hair colour for longer, while Lavender Extract gives fine, limp hair a new lease of life with a beautifully fresh, clean scent. Derived from Provence, Lavender even helps to give this range of products their name!

Rosemary Leaf Oil stimulates new hair regrowth and regeneration, promoting circulation to the scalp. Green Tea Extract is included for its anti-inflammatory properties, regulating sebum production and giving hair a fresh scent and great texture.

Grapefruit Extract is perfect for infusing into products designed to create smooth, shiny hair, while Rose Extract is blended into products to give an elegant look and a beautiful fragrance.

The range is designed in harmony with the hair’s needs and the environment – meaning users can be sure of great haircare, guilt-free.

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