Happy Mind, Happy Life: Emotional Bliss Celebrates the Power of Pleasure

Happy Mind, Happy Life: Emotional Bliss Celebrates the Power of Pleasure

Emotional Bliss, leading providers of intimate massagers, is shining a light on the power of orgasm for mental health. According to research, stimulating your brain through orgasm on a regular basis has a significant positive impact on both mental and emotional health, resulting in a happy mind and a healthy brain.

“As experts in sexual wellness, we understand the vital role that orgasm plays in maintaining overall wellbeing,” said Paul Telford, founder of Emotional Bliss. “Through our research, we have discovered that the benefits of orgasm go beyond just physical pleasure. Regular orgasm has been linked to reduced stress levels and anxiety.”

Women over 50 tend to rely more on antidepressants than men, with up to three times as many women as men using them. While men are often advised to prioritise physical health, the importance of this for women is equally crucial but frequently ignored. Consequently, many women turn to medication as their primary solution.

Emotional Bliss wants to help and support women by providing a healthy and natural alternative to maintain a balanced and happy life. Their two-week orgasm challenge is designed to support women experiencing symptoms of anxiety, stress, or the negative consequences of menopause, enabling them to maintain emotional and mental wellness.

“As we age, it’s essential to prioritise our happiness and wellbeing, both mentally and physically,” Telford continued. “Through our orgasm challenge, we want to encourage women to focus on feeling happy and invigorated by stimulating their brain through pleasure, just as nature intended.”

At Emotional Bliss, they believe that it doesn’t matter how you achieve orgasm, but what’s important is that you do. For those who think they can’t, the company is here to help and make sure they do. They believe that increased happiness and a healthy brain are achievable through the power of pleasure.

“We hope that our research and two-week orgasm challenge can inspire women to take care of their pleasure and wellbeing,” the spokesperson added. “We firmly believe that regular orgasm can have a transformative effect on mental and emotional health, helping women to feel their best, both inside and out.”

For more information on Emotional Bliss and their range of intimate massagers, visit: https://emotionalbliss.com