Why happy staff equals a more profitable business

Why happy staff equals a more profitable business

Midland Pallet Trucks, one of the country’s leading pallet truck, sack truck and materials handling suppliers, has reiterated the importance for businesses to keep an eye on their staff to guarantee a more productive and profitable business.

The company, which has been trading with businesses for decades, knows first-hand how staff morale and a content workforce can improve productivity from the ground up. From warehouse staff behind the scenes, to front of house face to face sales staff, keeping employees happy has never been more important to a business than it is during this unsettled economic time, according to the company’s managing director.

“We live in a society now where many feel underappreciated,” said Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Midland Pallet Trucks. “Causing work to slow down or slip, this can spell disaster in a workplace that relies on materials handling or working with heavy machinery. However we know from experience that going the extra mile for employees, whether it be treating them to an extra day’s holiday, thanking them for work or just creating a nicer atmosphere to work in can lift productivity exponentially.”

It’s not just Midland Pallet Trucks that believes implementing a staff-focused ethos in the workplace. There’s been numerous reports over the years stating that happy employees are more productive at work, with the latest coming courtesy of health and performance experts Global Corporate Challenge (GCC). The findings essentially confirm the role emotions play in business. Underlining the theory that it is in fact happiness that’s critical for both productivity and talent retention – and not a job perk or something that’s just nice to have, it’s certainly been made clear that happy employees are high performing employees.

Despite the findings, the fact is that around 6.5 million UK workers (or 30 per cent) describe themselves as unhappy at work, with 26 per cent of those stating that a lack of reward and recognition for good work as their number one grievance at work. However one of the biggest concerns is workers being overstretched.

Phil, added, “We know that workforces are becoming more stretched. Reports of billions of overtime being done by workers, along with stressful conditions during contracted hours is causing staff to be unhappy and unfulfilled.”

Midland Pallet Trucks is one of the UK’s best providers of manual handling and warehouse equipment across all sectors. Priding itself on offering top quality equipment at competitive prices, it allows businesses to keep staff safe and happy by reducing the strain put on individual employees.

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