Happy2Host Education Becomes First Black-Owned Google for Education Partner in the UK and Ireland

Happy2Host Education Becomes First Black-Owned Google for Education Partner in the UK and Ireland

Happy2Host Education, a UK-based professional development and creative agency is now the first Black-owned company in the UK and Ireland to become a Google for Education partner, joining a select group of organisations who have shown excellent knowledge and strategy using Google Cloud technologies in educational settings.

Happy2Host are now recommended by Google for delivering high-quality professional development, consulting, training, and technical services that include Google Certified Educator Level 1, Google Certified Educator Level 2 and bespoke Digital Strategy.

The new Google official status will allow Happy2Host in furthering their commitment to inclusivity, by making a real difference in the EdTech sector. They are set to become a beacon agency that celebrates the experiences, insights, and talents of trainers from all backgrounds. Even more importantly, this recognition will allow them to continue creating pathways and opportunities to support the career progression for diverse trainers and consultants, both within the agency and beyond.

CEO of Happy2Host Education, Lawrence Tijani says, “I feel proud to announce that Happy2Host Education, a black-owned professional development and creative agency is now a Google for Education approved Professional Development partner. We have quietly been working on this over the past few months and are thrilled to be in a position where we can access even more educators.”

He continues, “It gives me great pleasure as a black man to be in a position where my agency has earned the status that speaks to the high-quality standard of knowledge, training and customer satisfaction that we deliver.”

The agency believes that positive change doesn’t just come from one person or business, but by bringing together a range of ideas, experiences, and perspectives from a diverse set of people. This new, high-profile Google partnership will allow Happy2Host Education to be part of the solution in supporting talented trainers from a range of underrepresented communities.

Happy2Host Education provide a range of affordable creative services that help education providers stand out from the crowd. These services include school websites, prospectus design, promotional videos, and photography. Happy2Host also help in furthering educators’ professional development to enable them to get the most out of the classroom and enrich their student’s learning.

To find out more about the EdTech tools, training, and strategies that Happy2Host offer, visit https://happy2host.education/