Have You Done Your SwonSong?

Have You Done Your SwonSong?

Brand new digital app allows users to leave farewell messages for loved ones.

Introducing SwonSong: the brand new smartphone and tablet app which allows users to create unique video, audio, written and email messages for their friends and family, to be delivered after their passing to help them cope with the stress resulting from losing a loved-one.

The Free to download iOS app, available in the Apple App Store, comes with a multitude of features to help users leave behind happy memories and heartfelt goodbyes for future generations, as well as personally recording a eulogy video which can be presented at their very own funeral or wake.

David Lamonby, CEO of SwonSong, says, “SwonSong offers a simple, easy way for anyone to prepare for their passing, by recording special messages for their friends and family members. The time honoured traditional approach to eulogy speeches made in respect of a loved one is now challenged by the SwonSong eulogy.  During the app creation, the need to ensure the messages are respectful has been paramount.  You’re able to select royalty-free background music to play gently while you make your spoken farewell. You can also add your special photos to play in a slideshow at the message end, the result is tasteful, respectful and will complement any funeral service.”

The app goes to great efforts to make recording these messages simple and straightforward. It can be daunting to know what to say or how to phrase farewell messages, but the script tool allows users to take their time and carefully choose the words they’d like to say in their message. The AutoScript tool then displays the script on the screen while users are recording their messages, with scroll speed adjusted to suit each user’s reading speed.  It is a true Autocue system.

The messages are then uploaded to the secure SwonSong server, where they may sit for five or fifty-five years, until a designated Notifier confirms the user’s passing and activates message release. Subject to the wishes of the user, the messages may be viewed immediately after their passing, sent on a delayed basis from days to years, or saved for special occasions, such as Christmas or upcoming birthdays.

Messages can also be composed in email format, or they can be sent as real letters, professionally printed onto A4 paper and posted worldwide, for those who might not have the ability to watch the video messages.

David adds, “We know that recording these messages can be a very emotional experience for users, which is why we’ve strived to ensure the whole app is simple and user-friendly. The SwonSong site is currently home to a wealth of tutorial videos, showing users exactly how the service works and how they can use it to bid a proper farewell to their loved ones after they pass.”

For more information about SwonSong, visit the website: https://swonsong.com