Healthy Lifestyle Programme Promises Benefits for Whole Family With New Approach

Healthy Lifestyle Programme Promises Benefits for Whole Family With New Approach

As obesity levels continue to rise and research confirms that in-school programmes don’t have the desired impact on children’s waistlines, Hypnotikadiet is offering families a new approach. Through a combination of removing the usual diet restrictions, backing a healthier approach to food and exercise, and deploying strategies that improve the mindset, the family friendly programme promises to deliver real results.

In the UK over one million children are estimated to be overweight, with many likely to become obese as adults. The associated health complications means there’s a growing emphasis on tackling the issue and instilling healthier attitudes from a young age. However, a study published in the British Medical Journal1 found no improvement in primary school children’s diets or activity levels when they were involved in a 12-month anti-obesity programme at school. Hypnotikadiet aims to provide a solution by changing the mindset at home.

Maria Fuentes, Director of Hypnotikadiet, said, “In school programmes for tackling obesity are excellent but they can’t have the desired impact alone. They must be complemented with changes within their home to have a tangible, lasting effect. That means working with their primary carers, their parents, to shake up the foods children eat most frequently and encourage greater levels of activity. Without a new approach, little will change and children today will grow up to face health complications and risks as a direct result of their weight.

“At Hypnotikadiet we work with the parents with the aim to inspire positive changes throughout the whole family that are healthy, positive, and long-lasting. Our unique approach to embracing a healthier lifestyle means every member of the family gets the support and encouragement they need.”

Hypnotikadiet blends science and wellbeing to remove the usual challenges that lead to dieters failing. Combining a comprehensive set of tools, such as hypnotherapy, motivational speeches, nutritional education, and fitness videos, it’s a convenient platform that has everything a dieter needs at every step of their weight loss journey. With a positive message throughout, Hypnotikadiet helps remove the usual self-doubt that can stop individuals reaching their weight loss goals.

Recognising the need for children to be involved in the process too, Hypnotikadiet provides a range of fun, engaging resources designed to interest younger family members, including a magazine, printable games, and audio stories. Through fostering an open conversation on why healthy eating and exercise is important within families, Hypnotikadiet aims to stop the rise of childhood obesity.

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