Helixx Sets Out Plans to Build A New Generation of $3,000 Electric Vehicles

Helixx Sets Out Plans to Build A New Generation of $3,000 Electric Vehicles

The Helixx digital manufacturing platform is set to become a transformative benchmark in the automotive industry, providing a low investment alternative to traditional manufacturing tools and techniques. Not only does Helixx’s ground-breaking new process significantly cut back on costs, empowering economically and technologically developing regions to build low-cost electric vehicles locally sustainably and reliably.

The transformative technology start-up is set to reinvent the traditional way that vehicles are manufactured with a ground-breaking integrated manufacturing platform.  The digital first platform has the capability to produce small, lightweight electric mobility vehicles for as little as $3,000 at high volume using the novel Helixx vehicle architecture.

The manufacturing process has true holistic environmental circularity built in from the start and massively reduces energy demands and overall carbon emissions, while eliminating the dependency of low-cost labour for a low-cost vehicle. The end-to-end platform will also change the way that these vehicles are deployed into different regions and marketplaces across the world, paving the way for a brand-new commercial landscape.

“Helixx has the advantage of no legacy manufacturing systems. Because of this, we have been able to stand back and address the challenges of meeting low-cost EV ownership demands of vehicles for the world by completely reinventing the product and process from the ground up.” comments Helixx’s recently appointed CEO, Steve Pegg.

As the growth of electric vehicles continues to expand, the demand for low-cost alternatives is only set to rise. This puts huge pressure on governments globally to make the switch over to zero carbon mobility when local infrastructures cannot meet such demands.

The Helixx platform addresses this problem directly. “To meet the challenges the celebrated luxury hyper car designer and Helixx founder Jowyn Wong set out from the beginning of this project, we have built a team of creative designers and engineers and are working with globally leading technology and manufacturing partners to validate our unique concepts.”

Based out of Helixx’s Concept Lab in Oxfordshire, the experienced team is restructuring the systems and components that make up the complex supply chain using digital intelligence. Using their platform, every aspect is open to localised businesses and services that provide a vast array of different subsidies and revenue opportunities globally.

To find out more about Helixx and its transformative new digital manufacturing platform, visit: https://www.helixx.tech