Helping Construction Companies Tackle Hotel & Travel Prelim Costs

Helping Construction Companies Tackle Hotel & Travel Prelim Costs

Construction firms that are grappling with understanding the true cost of their hotel and travel bills have a partner they can work with to help provide much needed clarity and cost control. Planet Pursuits, a dedicated corporate travel and events provider, is the only travel management company in the UK to offer devoted services to construction organisations with regards considering their project hotel and travel prelim budgets and helping deliver within.  Planet Pursuits already works with several of the top 100 construction companies, and offers this service across a range of disciplines within the industry including sub-contractors, main contractors, consultants, recruitment, training and suppliers .

With so many different areas to consider, Planet Pursuits recognises that many construction companies could benefit from a solution customised to their unique needs. The dedicated service from the award-winning team covers a range of areas designed to reduce costs, monitor key data, improve booking efficiency and add tangible value to each client. Planet Pursuits possess significant buying power required to help negotiate flexible, competitive, and attractive terms for construction clients with hotels and suppliers. The team can provide live reporting during the construction phase, budget costings for tenders, therefore allowing construction businesses to focus on delivering their projects with confidence.

Louise Boyse, Director of Planet Pursuits, said, “We know that when construction companies are tendering projects and setting budgets, there is a lot to consider. Our goal is to take some of those time-consuming tasks out of their hands and allow them to focus on their core deliverables. By using Planet Pursuits to reduce prelim and overhead costs, construction companies appreciate that they are receiving services at the best possible price and free up the time to focus on other activities. With our support, firms can get an accurate overview of all their costs to accurately weigh up each project and make plans for the future based on reliable data.”

Planet Pursuits already has an impressive and well established reputation for organising corporate travel, having scooped a number of prestigious awards in recognition of the stellar services it provides. The business’ travel management division has posted excellent 35% year on year growth and has recruited four new employees in 2018 to reflect the growing demand for its specialist skills, network, and results.

As part of a global consortium, clients of Planet Pursuits benefit from the business’ substantial buying power will still receiving personal, bespoke solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs every time.

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