Historic Eton Candlemaker Launches Charity Candle to Support Ukraine

Historic Eton Candlemaker Launches Charity Candle to Support Ukraine

A historic Berkshire-based candle making company has launched an exclusive, limited-edition candle, available worldwide to raise money for those affected by the devastating events unfolding in Ukraine. William West Candles, which offers a high-quality selection of hand-poured soy candles, is using profits from the new charity candle to support those impacted by the Russian invasion.

The beautiful, handmade, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly Flame of Freedom candle is made from soy wax that has been dyed to reflect the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The slightly sweet vanilla-scented candle joins the existing William West range, whose products are inspired by local Berkshire history.

While the William West Candles team have been busy raising funds to renovate the 15th century timber-framed building that tallow chandler William West first started making candles from in 1661, they are now turning their attention to a more urgent appeal. 100% of profits from the sale of the Flame of Freedom candle will be donated to humanitarian causes in Ukraine, including the Ukrainian Embassy and the UNICEF Emergency Appeal.

Olga Line, Candlemaker at William West Candles, says “The horrific situation in Ukraine has made us feel helpless – as though there’s nothing we can contribute from so far away – and we know that many other people here in the UK feel the same. But we can’t just sit back and watch as the world falls.

Here at William West Candles, we want to show that there are ways that we can all do our part, even through something as simple as buying a candle. The flame of freedom may burn low, but it must never be extinguished.”

For Olga, raising money for Ukraine is a cause very close to her heart, being a proud Ukrainian herself. While she now resides in England, many members of her family, including her parents and siblings, remain in Kyiv. Olga had been keen for her family to flee, but a combination of health conditions and a desire to protect their country has meant many stayed behind. She has, however, been reunited with her 16-year-old niece, who travelled through four countries on her own to stay with Olga and husband Roger in Eton.

It’s estimated that two million Ukrainian children have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries, and an additional 2.5 million having to leave their home in Ukraine. Donations from William West Candles to the UNICEF Emergency Appeal will be used to help protect Ukrainian children during this very difficult period.

The company has already raised more than £15,000 to support Ukraine. And there’s still time to help take that figure even higher. The Flame of Freedom candle can be purchased for £30, with all profits going towards Ukrainian causes. Worldwide shipping is available.

To find out more, or buy a charity candle, visit www.williamwestcandles.com