A home security camera that sets you free

A home security camera that sets you free

Smart home lovers keen on safeguarding their living spaces will be delighted to discover the new wire-free Internet CCTV system from Moobox, which can be installed in just a few clicks.

Moobox brings to the UK fuss-free video home security that boasts a number of unprecedented innovations, ensuring an optimum level of protection for people and places is achieved with the minimum of effort.

Gone are the days of convoluted setup and complex configuration of a remotely viewable home security camera. The Moobox system can be setup and operated entirely using the dedicated Moobox app, which is readily available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

For house proud individuals, their favourite part of the CCTV system is bound to be the fact that the camera is completely wire-free, meaning no more unsightly power cables in living rooms and kitchens. Users can wave goodbye to the days of scurrying around the house annoyingly hunting for a power socket near a camera’s intended location.

Ms Bindu Gor, Marketing Director at Moobox: “Wires compromise ideal positioning of CCTV. Being wire-free Moobox gives ultimate freedom.”

“What’s more, many home security cameras are complicated in their design, meaning time consuming and potentially ineffectual setup. Moobox is a fully-functioning video alarm system that can be deployed in seconds with movement alerts and two recording systems enabled out-of-the-box.” Ms Gor adds.

As well as being able to Live stream their home to their mobile or tablet, on-demand and in HD, users get PIR triggered motion alerts instantly delivered to their phone coupled with video clips automatically saved to the system’s local DVR and for added reassurance to the Moobox Cloud servers, with clips stored free for 7 days on a rolling basis. Best of all, there are no subscription fees.

Moobox is all about simplicity and focuses on features most people demand from an easy-to-setup, easy-to-use home CCTV system.

For more information about Moobox visit their website at: www.mooboxcam.co.uk