Homeowners Given Easy Way to Earn Money from Empty Driveways with New Hosted Parking Solution

Homeowners Given Easy Way to Earn Money from Empty Driveways with New Hosted Parking Solution

As the cost of living continues to soar and households around the country feel the pinch, a smart new app has launched to offer homeowners an easy way to monetise their empty driveways by renting them out as parking spaces.

eParkMeter is a cashless solution which turns unused driveways into a valuable source of income, all while helping motorists to quickly and easily find, book and pay for a convenient parking spot, all from their smartphone.

Cloud-based with no software required, eParkMeter can also be used by businesses such as hotels, leisure centres and supermarkets along with local councils to generate extra revenue from empty car park spaces.

The cutting-edge system uses ANPR technology and allows users to control every aspect of their driveway or parking space rental, with payment verification and penalty charge notices all managed via a smartphone app.

eParkMeter founder, Ogero Ovie said, “Millions of driveways stand empty around the country each day, when they could be put to use and generate much-needed cash for landlords and homeowners. eParkMeter is quick, easy, convenient, and totally secure, meaning those empty driveways could become another source of income in no time at all. It takes just minutes to upload details of a driveway or parking spot, making it a timely solution for anyone looking to earn extra money to combat recent price increases.”

In addition to granular control, eParkMeter seamlessly circumvents a number of challenges that parking operators routinely face, including broken ticket machines, slow service, cash collection and storage problems. Cash is deposited once per week, with the only cost a pre-agreed percentage of the parking charge. Detailed reports can be downloaded on demand, so larger organisations can easily track capacity and revenue month on month.

For drivers, eParkMeter removes the frustrating process of driving around looking for a free space, particularly in urban areas, or paying over the odds in city-centre car parks. Driveways and parking spaces can be located on the app and pre-booked, with directions to the space and the option to increase parking duration as needed.

To find out more, visit: https://www.eparkmeter.com or watch the video: https://www.eParkMeter.com/vid