Housemates Matched By Algorithms, Not Ads: Like-Minded Living Is Launched

Housemates Matched By Algorithms, Not Ads: Like-Minded Living Is Launched

London is defined by a unique approach to living, with many having no choice but to house-share. Some socialites even opt for co-inhabiting environments to leverage their time in the city. Like-Minded Living offers a unique service to make London life simple, rejecting online house-sharing adverts for a more analytical approach. Using unique algorithms to scientifically pair each client with compatible housemates, it ‘matches’ tenants with accommodation in affluent areas such as Chelsea and Fulham, offering luxury living to add value to the lives of like-minded young professionals.

This unique concept was developed after founder and Economics graduate, Denzel Matsaudza identified a need while undertaking a placement year at University, in a city 144 miles from home. Placed with housemates that weren’t suited to his personal or professional preferences, the experience of living in a new environment was dampened by such unsuitable conditions. The Like-Minded Living managing director explained, “The property market in London is notorious, filled with hasty decisions and undesirable arrangements. We change all of that, proud to help our customers find the highest quality living arrangement to suit their needs but at the lowest price. Traditional processes of finding a room in a group house can lead to unsuccessful, unsuited relationships. Using my knowledge from the degree in economics, Like-Minded Living is powered by an intelligent algorithm to produce a best possible match, using the preferences given to us. Elements of this algorithm are used to match doctors to hospitals and is the technology used in some of the most powerful search engines too!”

Amongst its numerous properties, Like-Minded Living has a number of housing options to suit each individual. Whether in search of a sociable house or a private home with little disruption, each of these factors are considered before any contract is signed, giving tenants control over their living situation rather than subject to unwanted surprises after they’ve moved in. Every property comes with an inclusive package of Wi-Fi, Netflix, Spotify and home essential drop ins.

Mr Matsaudza said, “We act as the landlord on all of our properties which ensures we can maintain the premium standards and offer our flexible tenancies. With arrangements to suit short-term internships, mid-length contract work or long-term lets, we adapt to the ever-changing working environment and the accommodation it requires.”

Tyrone Williams – Accenture Consultant and a resident at Like-Minded Living added, ““When I was extended a graduate offer for a big job in the city I was ecstatic. However, the closer the start-date the more it dawned on me for the first time in my life I will be living away from home with complete strangers. I don’t have enough money to live by myself, so sharing a room is the only option. This is when I saw the advert for Like-Minded Living and to be honest the fit couldn’t have been better, since then I’ve really enjoyed my stay in London”

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