Hydratem8 Launches MiniM8 Smallest Most Portable Water Bottle Yet

Hydratem8 Launches MiniM8: Smallest, Most Portable Water Bottle Yet

The team of hydration specialists at Hydratem8 have announced the launch MiniM8, the brand’s smallest water bottle yet. Just like its larger designs, this petite water container also features Hydratem8’s trademark hydration tracker on the reverse of the bottle. At just 25cm tall, this motivational water bottle is a stylish healthcare essential, perfect for even the smallest of handbags or rucksacks.

This latest bottle release comes after the huge success of Hydratem8’s flagship design, helping families meet their hydration targets with its huge range of vibrant, motivational water bottles. Understanding that not all customers are able to carry the full-sized bottles with them in their day-to-day life, the MiniM8 empowers people with the means to keep their hydration levels topped up too. Although it the design is compact, it is still capable of holding an impressive 600ml of water.

The company revealed, “Here at HydrateM8, we are committed to making it easier for the entire family to stay healthy and hydrated. To help us reach this goal, we listen closely to the needs of our customers. It became clear that not everyone could use our larger bottle, so we created MiniM8. With a carabiner spring-loaded clip it easily attaches to bags, making it even more versatile and portable.”

Perfect for young children or adults with minimal baggage space alike, this small design does not sacrifice any of the original style found in the full-sized bottle. There are five colours to choose from, each one featuring an eye-catching and motivational slogan. Whether a user prefers to be a ‘free spirit’ or is on a mission for ‘feeling good’, there is a bottle to suit all tastes with the new MiniM8 range.

On top of its incredible aesthetics, the new MiniM8 water bottle makes it easy for users to top up their levels of hydration when prompted by the handy tracker. An intuitive spout flips up at the push of the button, enabling quick and simple drinking, with only one hand.

Chris Hillary, managing director, added, “Keeping hydrated is integral for premium bodily and cognitive function, not to mention its ability to keep skin looking youthful and fresh. Now, with MiniM8, these benefits can be enjoyed by many more!”

Browse the new pintsized hydration solutions online at www.hydratem8.co.uk/product-category/hydratem8-bottles/minim8/

Or view the entire range of water bottles at www.hydratem8.co.uk