Hypercar Design Jowyn Wong Turns To Tech To Transform The World

Hypercar Design Jowyn Wong Turns To Tech To Transform The World

One of the world’s most celebrated luxury hypercar designers is bringing his unique vision of digital workflow and efficiency into the technology space in a bid to drive a more sustainable future. Jowyn Wong, recognised as a global leader in the automotive design world, has long since believed technology to be an enabler of world class design. Now, he’s making greener tech the focus of his latest initiative, Helixx.

The Helixx digital manufacturing platform challenges traditional views on vehicle manufacturing, prioritises the planet, and seeks to move forward with the global, sustainable production of electric vehicles. The first of its kind, Helixx is set to redefine the future of low cost electric mobility and facilitate the much-needed adoption of critical technology in regions where EV deployment has been challenging.

At the young age of 32, with a career starting at McLaren, Jowyn Wong is the talent behind modern classics such as the Apollo IE, Apollo EVO and the upcoming De Tomaso P72.  Through his aggressive adoption of digital workflow and digital efficiency, he and his team extend their vision into the world of societal and technological driven, highly cost effective EV’s.

Wong’s mission has always been to play a role in the development of a unified, beautiful, co-created, and sustainable world. His decision to make the move into the tech space has been driven by a desire to develop advanced technologies to shape a more sustainable future, not only for a select few, but for the world. A far cry from his usual role designing high-powered performance vehicles, the shift to EV’s presents a welcome challenge for the young designer.

‘For the world’ has become somewhat of a personal motto for Wong, inspiring the designer’s latest business initiatives.

“I’ve always had a passion for advanced technologies, and I’m fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence to enable a greater future for humanity,” says Wong. “Right now, humanity is in the perfect position to utilise the digital efficiencies and technologies to begin building a vastly greater world,one step at a time. To achieve this, we need to completely revolutionise how we look at manufacturing to design, develop, and deliver more sustainable products from the ground up.”

“There is a lot of focus here in the west on the mass adoption of electric vehicles, yet we’re still relying on outdated manufacturing methodology. We must progress and continue to focus on designing and integrating absolute efficiency across all areas of manufacturing and production to fulfil the demands of economically and technologically emerging regions and put sustainability at the very heart of EV design.”

Helixx encourages regional communities and enterprises to embrace and adopt the technologies that are key to tackling climate change and ensuring a more sustainable future. Every aspect of the process is open to localised businesses and services, from decentralised supply chains and flexible ownership models to in-service subsidies and revenue opportunities for the users and operators.

Wong’s pitch for a sustainable and enterprising mobility future, being so transformative, has successfully secured funding investment from IDEAL TEAM VENTURES which supports their transition into a scalable electrified future. With this investment Helixx has committed to delivering the digital manufacturing framework along with a working demonstrable prototype by early 2023.

“Helixx is the platform in which we can implement such technologies towards democratising EV mobility and begin preparing the foundations beyond net-zero and into a carbon negative future for the world,” continues Wong. “The positive interest and reception for the Helixx platform from regional operators and local governments has been overwhelming, and a strong indicator that we’re on the right track for sparking real change, for the world.”

The Helixx pilot manufacturing platform is scheduled for completion in 2024, with the platform’s first commercial electric vehicles in service by early 2025. To find out more, visit: https://www.helixx.tech/