Iconic British Furniture Auction Comes to London Bringing Luxurious Lots

Iconic British Furniture Auction Comes to London Bringing Luxurious Lots

A world-renowned auction is coming to London, promising to bring with it luxurious lots and exquisite pieces of furniture for collectors to get their hands on. Pro Auction, the UK’s leading furniture auction house, seamlessly combines both physical and digital auctions and it’s become a top destination for homeowners looking for luxury brands and interior design professionals alike.

Showcasing a luxury British brand, which has yet to be revealed, the auction is set to be filled with items that those who love distinctive, indulgent interiors will want to snap up. From heritage leather sofas to authentically crafted home accessories, Pro Auction is making high quality, finely detailed items accessible. The London auction is set to attract an audience as diverse as its catalogue, with those representing boutique hotels, interior designers, and other professionals, as well as homeowners looking for something more elegant than the typical stores, all attending previous events hosted by Pro Auction.

Simon Rose, Director and Principal Auctioneer of Pro Auction, said, “We’re thrilled to be hosting our next auction in London, where we know there’s a well-established demand for the lots we’ll be bringing to the capital. Over the three-day auction there’s a varied collection of lots that will not only capture the attention of those that love interior design but will act as inspiration too.”

For Pro Auctions’ lots, luxury is the common theme running through them all. From the materials used to the timeless designs, the auction presents a unique opportunity to acquire pieces from the stunning collections that boasts more than 3,000 ex-showroom pieces that are beautifully maintained and waiting to be shown off in a home or business environment.

The London Auction will be taking place between the 18th and 20th July at the Furniture Makers Hall 12 Austin Friars, in London. Those interested in attending the next Pro Auction event and learning of future auctions that are held across Europe can subscribe online to be the first to hear about the latest news.

To find out more visit iconicbritish.com/.