Iconic card game from Wild West era makes comeback as a new app!

Iconic card game from Wild West era makes comeback as a new app!

Wild West and card enthusiasts are being given the opportunity to play the classic card game Faro, thanks to an app from Alpha Innovation Games Studios (AIGS). Faro was the most popular game in the US during its Wild West and American Civil War era and it’s now been brought into the digital age with the launch of multi-device app Wild West Faro, the first of its kind available in app stores.

Its fast-paced nature, easy to learn rules, and good gambling odds ensured that Faro became a hit throughout the American West. AIGS’s first launch on the application market gives users a chance to experience a historically accurate and authentic version of the game. As Faro became more widespread in the Wild West it became associated with cheating, an aspect that’s been captured by AIGS. Just like in the physical card game, the game’s dealer can use a rigged deck to ensure the house wins more frequently. App users aren’t left out of the cheating action either, they can attempt to change a bet when the game’s in play but they’ll face a penalty if they get caught.

Marcus Quinn, Founder of AIGS, said, “Card games, and particularly poker, are commonly associated with the Wild West, with the image of cowboys gambling a common sight in media. But it’s the card game Faro that was the most widespread game of the time. It’s fun, fast, and straightforward – making it the perfect game to play on the go or when you have time to unwind. We wanted to create a game that wasn’t only fun to play but captured the original essence of Faro during the Wild West period, cheating and all.”

Wild West Faro is AIGS’s first game launch but it already has an exciting pipeline of future developments. With a focus on creating fun, interactive games for the mobile and tablet market, AIGS is set to deliver apps that are perfect for the gamer on the move. The company’s team grew up during the 80’s gaming innovation playing the now retro ZX Spectrum and Amiga. Through combining the appeal of classic games and modern technology, AIGS aims to bring new gaming experiences to the rapidly growing market.

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