ImageLR Relaunch Fleet of Free Photo Editing Tools for Enhanced Functionality

ImageLR Relaunch Fleet of Free Photo Editing Tools for Enhanced Functionality

ImageLR, the creator of one of the most popular tools for editing photos online has recently relaunched its service, complete with a new fleet of enhanced photo editing capabilities.

Previous iterations of ImageLR allowed tools such as image color picker, photo combiner, image resizer and an image compressor for basic photo editing. However, in a bid to make its platform the most functional on the web, ImageLR has now optimized its website to include the following new tools and features:

  • JPG converter
  • PNG converter
  • Bulk image conversion
  • Faster performance
  • Brand-new user face
  • The ability to delete uploaded images

The new suite of additions will make the already impressive website even more user-friendly and powerful for photographers, designers, and amateur web designers who want to optimize their images with just a click of a button.

Unlike other online imaging platforms, ImageLR is dedicated to keeping its product completely free for use, allowing for easy conversions and unlimited uploads. In addition, ImageLR is completely safe to use, with all files automatically getting deleted every 5 hours.

“Editing images online has always felt like a pain; you’ve either had to fork out for an expensive subscription service or fill your computer up by installing large programs. With ImageLR, we’re proud to offer a completely free and hassle-free alternative. Using our new and improved service, customers can now convert and edit their photos with ease for extremely professional results,” comments Head of ImageLR, Akshay Thapliyal.

The new website is now available for customers to use, whatever their photo editing needs are.

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