Imperial Time Launches Online Shop Filled with Beautiful Amber Jewellery from the Baltics

Imperial Time Launches Online Shop Filled with Beautiful Amber Jewellery from the Baltics

Taking inspiration from nature and culture, Imperial Time have launched their latest stunning collection of jewellery online. Using one of the most beautiful natural resources, amber, each piece is unique, full of character, and handcrafted by the family run business.

Based in Poland and with a distribution centre in the USA, Imperial Time is taking advantage of one of its location’s most prized exports. The exquisite Baltic amber has been used by jewellers for years thanks to its alluring colour and reported healing properties. Now fans of the elegant look of amber can purchase a range of impressive, wearable jewellery, including delicate flower earrings, statement pendant necklaces, and timeless brooches, from the brand’s digital store.

Tomasz Lodowski, Founder of Imperial Time, said, “We’re thrilled to be launching our online shop, helping more people to find and buy beautiful jewellery pieces showcasing amber. Sales of amber products are on the rise and its rich depth perfectly complements so many different styles. Our collection embraces the stunning natural properties that have made amber so popular for hundreds of years, yet each item is still wearable.”

The Baltic regions have some of the largest deposits of brilliantly coloured amber. While amber is growing in popularity due to its striking, natural appearance, its medicinal properties are also encouraging sales to grow. Historically, amber has been used to heal a range of illnesses and oil of amber is used in aromatherapy to relieve stress, calm skin, and ease some ailments. Perfectly complementing the amber in many of Imperial Time’s pieces is the expert use of 925 Sterling Silver.

Based in Gdansk, Poland, known as the City of Amber, Imperial Time uses its location’s strong amber heritage combined with traditional family values to deliver exceptional products and customer service. While the business has been working with amber and handcrafting products since 2003, the brand’s latest digital launch aims to widen its current customer base and access a global market of jewellery lovers.

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