Improving Logistics Is Key To Helping Food And Drink Supply Chain Issues , Says Leading Materials Handling Firm

Improving Logistics Is Key To Helping Food And Drink Supply Chain Issues , Says Leading Materials Handling Firm

The outbreak of bird-flu, the ongoing war in Ukraine, Brexit, COVID-19, and extreme weather changes have all contributed to a rise in food prices in the UK. To help mitigate the effects of these factors, warehouses must optimise their operations, says Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Midland Pallet Trucks.

With the festive season just around the corner, there’s an increasing threat of empty shelves in supermarkets, and a food and drink supply issues for hospitality businesses and households alike. This issue will affect all households, no matter their income. Effects are already being felt, with reports of people shutting off their refrigerators overnight in order to save on energy costs.

Phil says, “UK households are experiencing a food stress crisis. With food inflation only set to increase, food and drink manufacturers must do everything necessary to help alleviate supply chain disruptions. A key element of this involves improving warehouse operations and decreasing downtime”.

Phil adds, “with energy costs rising across the board, many companies are looking for ways to downsize and save money. To continue to keep up with demand for their products, they must invest in warehouse equipment that enables more effective materials handling”.

Midland Pallet Trucks provides warehouses with high-quality material handling equipment, such as high-lift pallet trucks, electric trucks and weighing scale trucks, which allow goods to be weighed and moved simultaneously, saving time and money

Phil states, “Our range of high-lift pallet trucks allow for storage space optimisation, by increasing capabilities for vertical storage. Training employees to use these trucks results in a decrease in potential injuries, allowing for optimal productivity and performance”.

For food and drink industries to be capable of mitigating the crisis and keep costs as low as possible, then improving logistics across the supply chain is necessary. While the government’s energy bill relief scheme is welcome, manufacturers must together to drive down inflation.

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