Independent Capital Investment Group On Track to Reach 2022 Target

Independent Capital Investment Group On Track to Reach 2022 Target

One of the UK’s leading independent capital investment groups is on track to reach its ambitious target of increasing turnover by more than 66% by 2022, bringing the annual figure to £100 million. Manchester-based Fresh Thinking Group, which supports startups and healthy businesses seeking new growth opportunities, as well as distressed organisations requiring funding, has invested in a number of new acquisitions throughout Q1 2021. A number of exciting new projects in the pipeline will bring the firm even closer to meeting its goals.

Currently, Fresh Thinking Group’s annual turnover stands at £60 million. However, that figure is expected to grow substantially over the coming 12 months as the group’s existing 45-company portfolio undergoes a significant expansion. Already this year, Fresh Thinking Group has helped to finance three notable acquisitions; TM Couriers for the holding company Orb Grouping Holdings, Chop’d (which boasts 13 outlets) for the holding company Inc Retail and accessories brand Knomo for the holding company Inc Retail. A further two logistics acquisitions are due to be confirmed this month.Operating across both the UK and Europe, Fresh Thinking Group already works with brands across the digital and data industries, logistics sector, and with organisations in the fields of travel, property, laundry, and retail, and is embarking on enterprising growth plans to expand not only within the UK, but on an international basis to become a truly global leader.

While Fresh Thinking Group specialises in capital injections, research and development, and industry-specific advice for growing firms, its aspiring growth plans are being heavily driven by the impact of COVID-19 on the business world. Fresh Thinking Group has notably increased its acquisitions over the past year, investing in struggling businesses to offer guidance, analyse data, and execute strategies to prevent unnecessary closures.

Fresh Thinking Group’s Partner, Dave Antrobus said, “The global health crisis has undoubtedly been devastating, not only from a personal perspective but also from a business and economic perspective and doing what we do and working in this particular industry, we’ve seen firsthand the struggles that organisations are facing today, with many feeling that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

“We’re using the pandemic as an opportunity to do more; to use our market knowledge and investment expertise to support these businesses and bring them into our collective, where they have the resources they need to not only recover, but thrive.”

According to the latest statistics by the Office for National Statistics, just 71% of UK businesses are currently trading, down from 84% in mid-December. 3% have reported that they have ceased trading permanently as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Of those that are still operational, 15% have little confidence in their organisation’s ability to survive the next three months.

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