Industry leader Skanwear employs measures to improve customer experience

Industry leader Skanwear employs measures to improve customer experience

The experts in industry-leading Arc and FR Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Skanwear has announced it is working on measures to improve the customer experience.

Skanwear stocks clothing and accessories designed to prevent injury from arc flash and electric shocks in industrial sectors. It has set out to completely revolutionise customer interactions, opting for a more personal approach with bespoke care.

Skanwear’s Customer Service Lead, Annapina Iannelli has stated: “We’ve been working on and developing these changes for a while. We listen carefully to the feedback from our clients and are always looking for ways to improve.

“We’re employing specific Customer Care methods that each team member will follow. The idea is to streamline the customer support process and ensure customers are being cared for efficiently.”

Skanwear hopes that these new measures will not only improve the service customers receive but will also ease the strain on staff.

Annapina Iannelli added, “The welfare of our staff is a priority to us. Developing a more intuitive way of handling customer care will allow them to work stress-free. These measures will be better for our customers and better for our staff.”

A more personal approach is key in Skanwear’s new customer experience plan and, with consumers today seeking better communication with businesses, the change is set to be welcomed by Skanwear’s current and future clients.

Skanwear has revealed some existing methods will be phased out in favour of more hands-on, personal support channels. Staff members across the entire customer care team will be trained to become experts in their support fields and will invest their time and expertise on any queries which call for their specific knowledge. This includes the Head of Returns, Head of Order Processing, Safeline Specialists and Customer Solutions Specialists.

Automated responses are also being scrapped, and Skanwear is opting instead to guarantee personal email responses within 4 hours, which beats the standard industry response time.

As one of the industry’s largest PPE providers, Skanwear works with companies all over the world, and as such is adding a multi-lingual reception operator to the team.

The fast-paced nature of the PPE industry means that enquiries, help and trade knowledge is needed at a moment’s notice. Making this level of support available to such companies is paramount, so these new measures are expected to improve the running of Skanwear’s customers’ businesses too.

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