Ingenious, Stylish Furniture Guaranteed to Save Space as UK House Sizes Continue to Shrink

Ingenious, Stylish Furniture Guaranteed to Save Space as UK House Sizes Continue to Shrink

The UK is in the midst of a housing crisis, with first time buyers, in particular, being affected. It’s led to more British families choosing to live in flats and the average floor space of homes shrinking, making finding the right furniture a challenge for both buyers and tenants. New brand The Room Saver, which has opened its flagship store in London, is tackling the problem head on by unveiling its first collection of inventive, stylish furniture that leaves more space for occupants to live in thanks to its clever design.

Research into UK housing conducted by The Room Saver revealed that the average new build in the UK has just 76m2 of floor space for families to create a home. The UK is lagging behind when it comes to housing size, with homes being 15% smaller than those built in Ireland and a huge 80% smaller than those in Denmark. What’s more, an increasing number of families in the UK are choosing to live in a flat or maisonette, likely due to rising house prices and rent, restricting space even further.

Ekin Erinc, Founder and Managing Director of The Room Saver, said, “Smaller houses are a direct response to increasing pressure on land use and the demand for more affordable options. However, it’s coming at a price, as furniture is taking up valuable floor space and seriously affecting how occupants are living. But the good news is that smaller spaces don’t necessarily have to equal less comfort, with intelligent design and some ingenuity, it’s possible to still have space to relax and live in, while not compromising on the essentials.

“This is the issue that The Room Saver was designed to address. We’ve conducted research and established relationships with leading smart furniture manufacturers to create options that are fit for the modern British home.”

Erinc was inspired to create space saving furniture after working as an interior design photographer who snapped hundreds of properties in London. Recognising the battle homeowners and tenants had with making their studio apartments or tiny houses liveable, The Room Saver was created. Now working in partnership with Multimo, a leading manufacturer in space saving solutions, The Room Saver has unveiled its first collection.

Among the products is the Diva Couple, which boasts a sideway opening double bed that’s ideal for transforming spaces into a bedroom, and the compact kitchen unit that’s perfectly suited to apartments that don’t have a dedicated cooking space.

Erinc added, “The Room Saver products are ideal for landlords too. Tenants want the space to entertain and using furniture to make the most of every square meter available could tip the deal in their favour and allow them to maximise profit margins. It’s a win-win solution.”

The Room Saver is the first unique space saving furniture store in the UK and the first branch opened at 480 Lordship Lane, London, N22 5DE.

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