Innovative Construction Product Saves Company Staggering £2m and Boosts Safety

Innovative Construction Product Saves Company Staggering £2m and Boosts Safety

One company is demonstrating how a vast range of firms could save a huge amount of money by embracing award winning products from Glazesafe. London based company ABC Locksmith has saved over £2 million since it switched from using traditional scaffolding solutions to the innovative Stronghold product from Glazesafe, drastically reducing its outgoings and allowing the firm to invest in other business critical areas.

Stronghold is the second ingenious product from Glazesafe to hit the market. Designed with both efficiency and safety in mind, it’s set to become an essential tool for tradespeople that work from height. Crafted from lightweight yet durable materials, it’s the ideal solution for transferring from location to location and storing away when not in use. The free-standing tool acts as both a robust mobile anchor points and a barrier system, maximising the safety of both professionals and the public while work is being completed.

Daniel Cheddie of Glazesafe, said, “Scaffolding can be a huge additional cost to businesses working within the trade sector and it used to be the best option when it comes to safety. Stronghold builds on the safety features of the traditional option, but the design also considers efficiency, cost, and ease of use. The combination of barrier and anchor delivers a seamless solution for businesses that want to do away with scaffolding and the associated costs.”

James Mann, Director of ABC Locksmiths, said, “We’ve been using Stronghold since 2015 and were astounded when we estimated it has saved us £2 million on our previous scaffolding costs. Implementing Stronghold into our usual working processes has been simple and we’re thrilled with the results.”

ABC Locksmiths isn’t the only company to have benefited from choosing to use Glazesafe products. Other satisfied customers have gotten in touch with the fast growing business to reveal they’ve saved substantial amounts and secured lucrative contracts as a result of having the innovative products in their toolbox.

Stronghold provides two anchor points, allowing two engineers to work safely and independently, as well as points to attach light tools and equipment, eliminating the risk of objects falling. The product, which is already in use at a variety of companies, conforms to safety standards in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and US.

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