Innovative Door Handle Sanitiser System Key to Minimising Infection Rates During COVID-19 Pandemic

Innovative Door Handle Sanitiser System Key to Minimising Infection Rates During COVID-19 Pandemic

At a time when many organisations are seeking strategic solutions to sanitation, an innovative new product is helping to effectively minimise the spread of infection across healthcare facilities, schools, offices, and factories such as food manufacturing facilities among other settings. The Handliser is a revolutionary door handle sanitising system which automatically cleans door handles after each and every use, reducing viral transmission. The system ensures a higher level of compliance as it is non-avoidable for building users.

Door handles are widely considered to be the most heavily touched part of any building and a breeding ground for bacteria. The UK Government has set out specific regulations regarding the care and cleaning of handles throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Official guidance for frequently touched surfaces such as door handles is to wipe down twice a day as a minimum, although ‘cleaning should be more frequent depending on the number of people using the space’. The Handliser is specifically designed to minimise costs and boost safety by enabling organisations and landlords to implement sustainable sanitising technology instead of expanding the team of on-site cleaners.

The motion-detecting system recognises when the door closes, sparking a light spray of the Nuevo fast drying, non-irritating disinfectant which kills 99.99% of bacteria. Each recyclable, easy-to-replace spray cartridge contains up to 4000 applications for minimal maintenance, with no batteries or power supply required.

Director Daniel Gilbert said, “Clean hands ultimately save lives and good hygiene is paramount especially at this challenging time, but it’s only part of the solution. Hand soaps and alcohol gels are manual, voluntary actions to reduce the risk of infection, but we can’t overlook the fact that they are often forgotten and even sometimes avoided. The Handliser system is an automated, non-avoidable measure that ensures a high level of compliance.”

To ensure complete compliance with regulation and legislation, the Handliser system has undergone rigorous testing and clinical trials, with reports analysed by Dr Ronnie Russell of Trinity College Dublin. Results confirm that the system effectively kills 99.9% of common viruses and bacteria, including Ebola virus, Norovirus, and a number of viruses categorised under the Coronavirus umbrella. This enables the system to be used with confidence in hospital and healthcare settings.

“Door handles are frequently touched by hands which may be contaminated by bacteria or viruses, particularly in areas such as bathrooms” says Lenora Leonard, Infection Prevention & Control Manager at Beacon Hospital which has implemented the device. “This leads the door handle to act as a reservoir for infections, but by using the Handliser system, the hospital is reducing the risk of contamination of door handles and subsequently hands, thereby protecting both the patients and healthcare workers.”

The Handliser works on both left and right handed doors, and is compatible with a range of styles including push plates, pull levers, knobs, and pull handles. The system can also be customised with personalised branding, using 3M vinyl printing technology to produce premium, high definition imagery to share each brand’s unique message, logo, or advertisements to help build brand awareness and loyalty.

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