Innovative Facial Recognition System, with Integrated Thermal Image, Hand Sanitiser Station and Track and Trace Launches in UK

Innovative Facial Recognition System, with Integrated Thermal Image, Hand Sanitiser Station and Track and Trace Launches in UK

With lockdown measures beginning to ease across the UK, GFG Online is making it easier for pubs, restaurants, and other businesses to reopen safely with the launch of a revolutionary new system. Genesis U.R.OK V:1
Thermic-Scanner Track & Trace is a  all-in-one facial recognition, thermal imaging, and sanitiser station. It provides non contact, accurate temperature measurement and identification in seconds, using an integrated infrared system to disinfect hands on entry to the venue after confirming identity.

The super slimline machine’s comprehensive, built in track and trace system automatically collects and stores visitor data in line with the updated Government guidelines for pubs, bars, and restaurants, including entrance and exit time. Those pre-booking can send an image via email or text to the venue ahead of time with contact information and will be recognised by the Genesis U.R.OK V:1 upon arrival. Those not registered will be invited to input their phone number or email address for instant verification before entering.

Following thermal image temperature scanning – which alerts to abnormally high or low measurements to help reduce the risk of viral transmission – and facial identification, the eco-friendly, corrosion-resistant infrared sanitiser station automatically dispenses disinfectant. The 1000ml refillable tank boasts high capacity for minimal maintenance and a smooth, streamlined entry system.

“Boris Johnson’s plan to reopen the hospitality industry – pubs especially – was met with excitement and joy, yet the requirement for businesses to support the NHS Test and Trace system through the collection and 21-day storage of customer details has left many wondering about the logistics of doing so, and little clarification has been provided by the Government,” says Stephen Briggs, Managing Director of GFG Online. “The Genesis U.R.OK V:1
Thermic-Scanner Track & Trace all-in-one solution not only addresses these data collection concerns but also simultaneously reduces the risk of transmission through temperature scanning and integrated hand sanitising”.

In his speech, Prime Minister Johnson said that, “We will ask businesses to help NHS Test and Trace respond to any local outbreak by collecting contact details from customers as happens in other countries”, no doubt referring to the COVID-19 Guest Register system which is in operation across New Zealand; a nation which has emerged as one of the leaders in containing the viral outbreak.

The Genesis U.R.OK V:1 Thermic-Scanner Track and Trace system is anticipated to be adopted not only by pubs and restaurants, but also by schools, hospitals, supermarkets, banks, libraries, airports, and more as organisations aim to create COVID-secure environments and aid economic recovery following months of lockdown.

The Android 7.1.2 system features an 8-inch LCD display with a 20,000 capacity facial library. This advanced facial recognition platform with anti-counterfeiting functionality can recognise features in under 100ms with more than 99.97% accuracy. The device is designed to work in low light environments, such as pubs, offers multi-language options, and can communicate with existing digital systems using Wi-Fi, 4G, or wired networks.

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