Innovative Insulated Water Bottles Hit the Shelves as War on Throwaway Plastic Continues

Innovative Insulated Water Bottles Hit the Shelves as War on Throwaway Plastic Continues

The latest product innovation for HydrateM8 provides a simple way for consumers to drink their favourite beverage when they’re on the go at optimal temperature, whether it’s a hot coffee to warm up or refreshing fruit juice. The versatile product is designed to deliver a solution that can be used repeatedly, eliminating the need for throwaway plastic bottles or cups to be used as the war on waste continues.

The cutting-edge design of the HydrateM8 insulated water bottles keeps hot drinks at the perfect temperature for 18 hours, while ensuring cool beverages remain chilled for 30 hours. Using a triple layer vacuum design, the creative bottles are the ideal companion for a diverse mix of activities, whether adventurers are taking them outdoors as they explore or office workers are using them to keep soup toasty for lunch. With a leak proof lid and a durable, BPA free design, the HydrateM8 provides a safe solution that can be used over and over again.

Chris Hillary, Director of HydrateM8, said, “We’re thrilled at the insulated water bottles that we’ve created to extend the growing HydrateM8 range. It’s the trusty thermal water bottle reinvented to provide longer lasting results that reflect busy schedules of consumers today. Our thermal water bottles keep drinks hot or cool throughout the whole day, ensuring that the perfect drink is on hand when it’s needed, whether it’s a hot summer’s day or a chilly winter evening. They’re the perfect accessory for any day.”

With its innovative and practical designs, HydrateM8 aims to have an impact on the number of plastic bottles that are thrown away. Every minute a million plastic bottles are bought globally, causing pollution and contributing to negative effects on the environment. Throwaway plastic is an issue that’s recently been targeted by the UK government, with Prime Minister Theresa May proposing plastic-free supermarket aisles.

Hillary added, “There needs to be a real change in how the world consumes plastic if we’re to reduce environmental harm. At HydrateM8 we believe that needs to start with cutting the number of single use plastic bottles that are consumed across the world. Our products have been designed with this goal in mind. They’re durable and rugged, ensuring their life cycle goes on for years, playing a role in waste reduction.”

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