Innovative New App Launches with Unique Approach to Positive Change and Healthy Habits

Innovative New App Launches with Unique Approach to Positive Change and Healthy Habits

For those struggling to keep their New Year’s resolutions on track and stick to healthier habits, an innovative new app for Apple Watch and iPhone could hold the motivational key. Elephant is a powerful but beautifully simple habit-changing app that gently reminds users to practice any new habit repeatedly throughout the day.

Elephant is launching in the second week of February – by which time around 80% of our New Year’s Resolutions will have fallen by the wayside. Whether it’s drinking more water, practicing mindfulness, working on posture or moving around more, research shows that it takes anything from three weeks to nine months to form a new routine, so it’s essential to persevere with the desired behaviour – even when busy schedules get in the way and the initial flush of commitment begins to fade.

Simple yet effective, Elephant is built on sound scientific principles and employs a straightforward three-step approach to help users make lasting positive changes to their lifestyle and wellbeing with the minimum of fuss – remind, repeat and reward. It can be used at any time and for any habit, making it a useful, healthy addition to iPhone and Apple Watch apps year round. Users simply tell Elephant the new habit they’d like to maintain, choose how often they’d like to be reminded to do it each day and then go about their usual routine.

Suitable for use at home, in the office and on the go, Elephant will send randomly timed visual cues or subtle vibrations to the relevant device. The prompt reminds users to practice the habit they want to set in stone, cutting through the noise of a busy day, procrastination attempts or dwindling inspiration to help cement the desired change.

Ricky Cooper, Creator of Elephant said, “Like most of us, I’ve spent a large chunk of my life trying, and failing, to set new habits. I’m busy, easily distracted, and life just gets in the way.  My phone was full of apps for different goals, offering all kinds of tools I didn’t use or need.  I couldn’t find one app that let me enter any goal and simply sent me subtle reminders throughout the day to help keep me on track. So I created Elephant.  Using Elephant I’ve been able to break lots of different habits and form new, positive ones. I hope Elephant helps other people get the life they want as much as it has helped me.”

Elephant is free to download with an in-app purchase of £0.99 for those who want to add custom habits and reminders.

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Elephant is an innovative new app designed for Apple Watches and iPhones. It’s designed to help users get the life they want and deserve by helping them to break old habits and create new ones.