Innovative new app ‘Mick’ helps connect suppliers and tradespeople quickly to get the job done

Innovative new app ‘Mick’ helps connect suppliers and tradespeople quickly to get the job done

An exciting new collaboration between two friends has resulted in a mobile app for time-poor builders, plumbers and electricians looking for lightning fast quotes from local suppliers. The app has been welcomed by those working in the construction industry  thanks to its simplicity and ease of use.

The new app named ‘Mick’ allows tradespeople to tell the app what they require and when they need it.  The app uses an interface similar to a Whatsapp message which makes the process super simple and fast to use. The user is then presented with a list of local suppliers based on location and is able to select the suppliers they would like a quote from. That means no more calling around all suppliers for costs, delivery and stock availability. Mick takes care of it.

Selected suppliers receive an email direct, and then simply enter the cost, availability plus any trade discounts if applicable and press send.

This quote is then returned in real-time with the user getting a push notification. Mick presents the user with a list of suppliers returning quotes so that one can be selected according to criteria such as response time, stock availability, price or even good old fashioned customer service.

The user hits accept and is then able to ring the supplier or request a call back to finalise the order and arrange payments.

With the UK skills shortage meaning that skilled tradespeople are in more demand than ever before, those working in the industry are under pressure to start work on a variety of residential and commercial projects immediately.

Having to take time out from an already busy day to source quotes from a number of suppliers is something co-founder Mick Norman is all too familiar with, and with his business partner Ben Hogan with skills and experience in the mobile app industry the pair came up with an idea to simplify the process using technology and allow tradespeople to get on with the job at hand.

As soon as Mick was launched in the UK, the app received an exceptional take up from suppliers and tradespeople alike and created over £100,000 in business during its soft launch in the Bedfordshire region in just one week.

Once Mick was rolled out nationally, some of the world’s biggest suppliers of building materials showed their support for the app and signed up immediately, and plans are now underway to offer the service in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Ben Hogan, Co-Founder of Mick, said, “With grassroots experience in the building trade, we understood just how time-consuming seeking quotes for builders, plumbers and electricians can be. We have combined great technology with a personal touch and a good level of customer service while offering time and money savings.

“The challenge was getting the user experience and user interface right to ensure that users could tell the system accurately and quickly what they needed. We are really proud with how we have managed to pull that off.

“We are only young but in such a short space of time we have had a big impact on an industry already.  We are mega pleased with the feedback and how Mick is saving time and money for the tradesperson and supplier. Any supplier in any branch is able to check total quotes, quotes sent, win/loss ratio, response times and so much more. Mick is proving to be a great tool for both tradespeople and the suppliers. ”

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