Innovative Sports Accessories Brand Launches Two Start-of-the-Art Products for Runners and Cyclists

Innovative Sports Accessories Brand Launches Two Start-of-the-Art Products for Runners and Cyclists

Runners and cyclists can race into the New Year with two innovative new products that make maintaining an active lifestyle easier than ever as leading sports accessories brand, Runtimate unveils U-Run and U-Bike.

The state-of-the-art workout accessories make running, cycling and gym going more comfortable and convenient than ever with durable, revolutionary technology.

For runners, the U-Run is the ultimate sports armband and the perfect accessory for those pounding the pavement or pounding the treadmill. With a proprietary magnetic lock on system, the armband is compatible with any type of smartphone -simply slide into the cover and then lock and unlock without even a glance.

Designed for runners who want to keep their eyes on the horizon, the U-Run’s magnetic system is uniquely designed to provide complete security whatever the terrain. Durable, tough and easy to use, touchscreens remain completely responsive even when secured in the U-Run, for easy typing and texting while on the move. Music, calls, messaging and browsing can be accessed quickly, safely and easily, in the gym and on the road, with no need to remove the phone from its U-Run or expose it to the elements.

The armband itself has a dual-end Velcro fastening for an easy fit, is hypoallergenic and made from a future-proofed 3D thermoplastic elastomer based on Toyobo polyester to keep skin dry, comfortable and free of sweat, no matter the miles clocked up.

For cyclists, the U-Bike provides the same level of performance on two-wheels, both on urban terrain and off the beaten path. The ultimate bike mount for smartphones, the handlebar mount is cleverly designed with maximum flexibility to fit most bikes. It can be coupled with the Runtimate docking system, a Go-Pro or safety light.

Paired with the U-Run, cyclists can take their workout to the next level with a vertical or horizontal mount that gives easy accesses to any smartphone on the move or on the go. Putting GPS navigation, activity tracking apps, calls, texts, camera and recording modes within easy and safe reach, the U-Bike gives riders the ultimate freedom to enjoy, capture and relive every second of their journey, whether training, competing or working out.

Tommaso De Angelis, CEO, “All of our products are totally made in Italy and tailored around users’ needs. We’ve spent over a year working closely with runners and cyclists to create our new U-Run and U-Bike to ensure our solutions perfectly match the needs of our users.

We are very proud of our solution – the magnetic lock-on system is patented; we use only waterproof, high end fabrics and foams and feedback already has been overwhelmingly positive.

The U-Run and U-Bike are available now for pre-order. Early birds can get 70% off via the crowdfunding campaign.

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