Innovative Wheelchair Company Celebrates Successful Inaugural Year

Innovative Wheelchair Company Celebrates Successful Inaugural Year

Motus Medical, the specialist wheelchair and seating provider with a difference, is celebrating after a fruitful first 12 months.

The company, which is based in the heart of England, has rapidly become the go-to for wheelchair users looking for bespoke chairs to meet their needs. From ultra-lightweight chairs that fold neatly away, to powered electric chairs with a bit of oomph, the company has changed the lives of those who rely on wheelchairs to get around. The Motus Medical team takes bespoke seriously – they will go out to the user, measure them up, assess their needs and adapt either a manual or powered wheelchair to enable the user a more independent life.

Opening up a new world of possibilities for hundreds of disabled individuals, this unique approach has fueled the company’s substantial growth in its inaugural year. It recently moved into much bigger premises, and this, according to the company, highlights the incredible demand for bespoke wheelchairs in the UK.

Chris Taylor, Motus Medical Managing Director commented, “Choosing the right product partner was important for us and I think it was a major factor behind the growth. When you’re dealing with users with such complex needs, you need to be confident that the product you’re handing over to them is safe, reliable, and ultimately provides a better quality of life. Working with the likes of Sunrise Medical and Quickie Wheelchairs has enabled us to reach the high level of quality standards we set ourselves.”

Despite the company identifying a gap in the market and providing a service to meet the needs of this under catered-for group, the company has invested heavily in marketing tools to focus on the right people. Drawing inspiration from large companies, the business has focused on bringing the industry into the 21st century – to incredible effect.

Speaking about their technical approach in traditionally very low-tech industry, Richard Bate, Operations Manager at Motus Medical added, “From my perspective, establishing a solid Customer Management System was important to help accommodate the rapid growth of the company. For too long the industry has been held back by manual paperwork and archaic IT systems. Many of our clients are vulnerable and depend on the products and services we provide. It was only natural to make sure that every aspect of the business was transparent and fully traceable.”

The incredible growth of the company has not gone unnoticed. Now firmly cemented as a key player in the industry, the company has worked with disability charities such as The Mobility Trust, occupational therapist groups, and even case management companies, to spread further afield, get their name out there, and offer alternatives to those who feel there is no alternative.

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