Inspired Jewellery Platform Supports Budding Jewellery Designers

Inspired Jewellery Platform Supports Budding Jewellery Designers

For small businesses, grabbing a piece of the jewellery pie can be incredibly difficult. A multibillion pound industry, competition is high. But one of the freshest jewellery platforms in the world is set to make it easier for budding jewellery designers to make a name for themselves and create truly unique designs.


Vimanas, the jewellery website which sells its own striking designs, is set to venture into the world of customisable jewellery. Due to launch a new arm to the business towards the end of the year following a Kickstarter campaign, the platform will open up the commercial jewellery world to small jewellery businesses, as well as talented one man bands.

Blending modern technology with nature’s own gifts, the upcoming platform will enable designers to be ‘creatively free’ and create stand out jewellery that takes individuality to the next level.

Speaking about the industry and the budding platform, Dee Fisher, Director of Vimanas, said, “The jewellery industry is thriving. At the last count it was worth US$ 316 Billion – with 15 percent internet retail growth so there’s plenty of opportunities for independent designers and small business to take a piece of the business – but only if they think outside the box and create something that currently is unavailable.

“We’ve been in the jewellery business for some time now, creating pretty designs that complement the wearer, however our passion has always been creating jewellery that truly stands out and allowing designers to use their imagination without limits. And thanks to technology, we’re finally in a position where this is possible.”

The pioneering platform works seamlessly with technology. Simple to use, designers just need to take a picture of a pattern they like, such as a tree’s trunk, and upload it to the site. From there, the site is completely customisable, allowing users to create just the piece of jewellery they are after. With adjustable buttons allowing for subtle or deep designs, the only limit to the customisable jewellery platform is people’s imaginations. Whether it be a ring for a special occasion, a pendant that’s a poignant gift, or a bracelet that really means something, the Vimanas platform opens up the jewellery design world for everyone.

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