Inspiring businesswoman launches intuition course to help more achieve their goals

Inspiring businesswoman launches intuition course to help more achieve their goals

A leading business mentor is taking matters into her own hands when it comes to inspiring the next generation of women leaders and encouraging entrepreneurs to listen to their intuition. Mary-Anne Waldren, a successful businesswoman in her own right and the founder of a series of business training programmes, is now delivering her unique insights and perspective in an innovative international training course.

Despite making gains, only 34% of business operators in Australia are women and just a quarter of start-ups are founded by females1, it’s a trend that’s reflected globally. Recognising that being successful requires a combination of acumen and innate inner skill, Waldren has crafted a one of a kind course that delivers everything participants need to understand how to become an intuitive leader. The 6-week online course will equip women in business with the tools to be prosperous and meet their professional goals.

Waldren said, “There are always challenges present when you’re operating in business but intuition is an often overlooked essential professional tool. I learnt to use my intuition to drum up business, create opportunities, and expand my influence, it’s a skill that can help propel more women working in the business world towards their ultimate goals. Through taking an online format we’re making the course accessible to all.”

Waldren has earned global respect for her skills in developing networks, supporting leaders, managing events, and fast tracking business progression. Becoming well-known in the 1990’s as the drivers of the million dollar Australian Science Festival and the multi-million dollar National Science Week, she’s continued to build on that success and has now turned her talents to supporting others.

Vicki Laing, Managing Director of Laing Real Estate, said, “I was genuinely delighted to take part in the women’s business event Mary-Anne organised. Not only was she fun and a pleasure to deal with but she created a community of engaging leaders, shared stories, and friendships in the making. All the participants felt part of something greater than themselves and benefitted on many different levels thanks to Mary-Anne’s diverse and considerable skills.”

For those that can’t be part of the course or are eager to pick up more of Waldren’s invaluable insights, she’s also published an eBook that perfectly complements the webinar programme. With chapters covering how to listen to intuition in the world of business and get the most out of it, readers are set to benefit from the unique outlook.

Eager entrepreneurs and businesspeople can register their interest in the course to receive the latest updates via the website. The six-week course costs $1,200, with early birds able to benefit from a discount.

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