Inspiring sex shop to host book event with award-winning Radio Diva host and comedian Rosie Wilby

Inspiring sex shop to host book event with award-winning Radio Diva host and comedian Rosie Wilby

A sex shop that plays host to a plethora of sex classes and discussions will soon be inviting guests to join them in a book reading session and group talk with the multi-faceted Rosie Wilby, who has just released her debut book.

Sh! encourages women and couples to engage in open discussions about sex and the wide range of topics that surround it. This class, which is set to take place on Friday 18th May, will be no exception and participants will have the chance to quiz Rosie Wilby, an icon in the lesbian community, about her first book Is Monogamy Dead?

Crammed full of details about the author’s sexual misadventures and relationships, including one telling chapter about a lesbian sauna, the book is funny, frank and guaranteed to keep guests engaged throughout the event.

Renee Denyer, Store Manager at Sh! said: “We can’t wait to open our doors to eager readers and fans of Rosie who are keen to learn more about her very first literature instalment. The book really gets to the bottom of issues like intimacy and romance, which can both seem like a lost cause in the age of internet dating.

“After a short talk and a few readings of extracts from the book, Rosie will be directing questions to the group and is keen to divulge everything that she has learnt from scientists, academics and polyamorous friends over the years.

“Topics that she’ll be answering questions about include relationship structures and language, poly pitfalls, recent studies into female sexuality and desire and many more.”

While her career spans stand-up comedy and music, Rosie Wilby is perhaps best known for presenting a weekly LGBT magazine show, Out In South London, on London based non-profit community radio station Resonance FM. She has addressed issues relating to the LGBT community throughout her career, including during her performance of   ‘I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas’ which explored why the festive period is often an unconventional time of year for those that are LGBT.

Rosie will be handing out signed copies of her book at the event and guests will also be able to tuck into French fancies and sip on bubbly.

Tickets for the event are priced at £5 and the event will be held at the Sh! store, which guests can access through the coffee shop.

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