Exciting launch brings international experience to the digital economy

A new agency is looking to change the way companies do business in Asia by helping them to refine their activities with the digital economy.  Using a wide range of digital tools honed through extensive international experience, including working for companies such as Microsoft Denmark and Nestle Thailand, Inspirio is dedicated to enlightening companies in the transformative effects of digital and its associated marketing technologies and channels.

Founder and Managing Director Charoen Singh is proud to represent Inspirio as the first business of its kind in Asia. “The demand for digital solutions is there, but not many companies or employees have the knowledge to reach their potential in this area,” says Singh, who comes to the business with 10 years’ experience working with global brands in Scandinavia and Asia before founding the company. He previously led an internal digital transformation change program globally for Danish Biotech Novoymes from their corporate headquarters in Copenhagen.

“Many business owners and corporate leaders still aren’t sure quite what to do with digital, but those of us in the know realize how important it is to ensure longevity in business. That’s what we’re there to do. To educate, enthuse and enable them to keep their company moving forwards with new growth models in the digital economy.

In addition to their digital transformation services, Inspirio helps companies to meet and exceed their existing digital targets. Following just one year of trading, Inspirio are already forging meaningful business partnerships for the future, defining themselves as not only pioneers but masters of their craft.

As a result, they have been selected to help Thailand’s largest broadcaster, Bangkok Broadcasting and Television Company Limited, to develop their new operations, digital assets and strategy in the Asian digital marketplace, bringing a range of new ideas to the broadcaster which have so far driven a great many digital business opportunities they may otherwise have missed out on. Everything from project design and consulting through to execution of these big ideas – Inspirio has the skills to get the job done.

With so much innovation and energy driving the business, the future looks increasingly bright for the thoroughly inspiring team behind Inspirio.

Find out more about Inspirio at www.inspirio.com