INSTAsmile Offers Top Tips for the Perfect Smile and Taking Care of Their Revolutionary Clip-in Veneers

INSTAsmile Offers Top Tips for the Perfect Smile and Taking Care of Their Revolutionary Clip-in Veneers

The team behind the innovative cosmetic solution INSTAsmile have put together their top tips, ensuring their customers of their revolutionary clip-in veneers get the most out of their purchase. Effectively suitable for a variety of requirements from missing or crooked teeth to stains, INSTAsmile delivers a product that provides excellent results without the usual costly price tag of veneers, helping more people to feel confident about their smile.

Andrew Armitage, Marketing Manager of INSTAsmile, said, “Our clip-in veneers are the ideal option for anyone that doesn’t like the look of their teeth and is searching for a budget friendly solution that still delivers results. With the right care, INSTAsmile clip-in veneers can go on giving our customers incredible smiles for years, giving an instant confidence boost every time they put them in.”

For maintaining the appearance of their veneers, INSTAsmile recommends that the clip-in solution is rinsed under lukewarm water after every wear. When residue remains inside the veneers, a soft toothbrush can be gently used to dislodge it, ensuring that the product remains comfortable and protects the existing teeth it attaches to. To keep smiles fresh, the professionals behind the brand also recommend using an approved anti-bacterial cleaning tablet twice a week.

It’s not just hygiene that’s important for getting the best out of INSTAsmile veneers either, how they’re inserted, removed, and stored matters too. As each clip-in veneer is custom made for a comfortable fit based on a dental impression, customers simply need to establish the correct path of insertion onto their natural teeth without forcing it. Applying gentle pressure starting from the back, the clip-in veneers should effortlessly clip into place. The removal process should be just as simple, with customers using two hands to gently tease the product from side to side starting at the canines. INSTAsmile even provides a handy, compact storage box to ensure the clip-in veneers are protected when not in use.

Andrew added, “We want our customers to be able to use their clip-veneers whenever they want to, whether that’s every day or just for special occasions. By following our care instructions, our customers can do just that.”

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