Interest in Electric Cars Spike as Panicked Brits Struggle to Find Petrol Amid Shortages

Interest in Electric Cars Spike as Panicked Brits Struggle to Find Petrol Amid Shortages

As most of the UK finds themselves unable to fill up their vehicle with petrol, the number of drivers enquiring into electric cars has dramatically increased, say electric champion, Fleet Evolution.

Over the past week, petrol stations across the UK have been low—or completely out of—fuel, resulting in long queues and increased panic buying from worried Brits. This issue has been caused by a worrying shortage of HGV drivers delivering petrol as recent Brexit changes forced them out of the UK.

Amidst these shortages, interest in electric cars has been higher than ever, with record numbers of drivers looking for alternative vehicles that don’t require petrol to run.

Fleet Evolution, a provider of electric car salary sacrifice schemes says, “Typically we get around 100 companies a month enquire into our schemes, but this week we’ve had over 100 so far. This 300% spike in enquiries is definitely down to the petrol shortages we’ve been experiencing in the UK.”

They continue, “There are of course potential problems as cars are also experiencing supply issues, but many companies have anticipated this and put measures in place to cause minimal disruption to customers.

Electric cars are an environmentally friendly and convenient alternative to traditional petrol cars. Rather than filling up at the petrol station, electric cars just need to be charged, which can be done from one of the many charging points across the UK or at home. On average, refilling 200 miles in an electric car will cost the driver around £5, which makes the all-electric move an incredibly cost-effective option.

With Fleet Evolution’s salary sacrifice schemes, customers can exchange a small portion of their gross salary in return for a fully maintained electric car. Employees benefit from having a company vehicle at a fraction of the price, with all additional costs—excluding charging costs—covered. The schemes work like existing cycle to work initiatives that encourage people to make more eco-friendly travel choices and provide a host of benefits for both employees and employers.

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