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The Internet of Things are going to change handhelds

With advances in smartphone technology that keep happening, everyone knew that they were going to make more and more advances in the field of work. But not many people, perhaps, knew that they’d be changing the field of asset tracking and logistics.

“Industry standard handhelds have been a key part of much warehouse work for years,” said Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midlands Pallet Trucks. “But now that smartphones have come on in leaps and bounds, handhelds need to improve as well. It looks like it’s happening, and will make workers’ jobs far easier.”

For example, handhelds could be developed that enable glove usage, provide improved accuracy when it comes to locating items, and would even work in the rain. Not much can be done to improve the simple and sturdy design of the pallet truck, but handhelds, being digital, have a wealth of options before them.

Thoughts are even going to putting hardware-based security systems into certain handhelds, such as biometrics and iris or fingerprint authentication. This would make some protected loads even safer, and would serve as a big draw for companies looking to improve their security.

“Handhelds are a great device that make the manual handling work in warehousing and other centres much easier to contend with,” added Phil Chesworth. “Even lightweight pallet trucks can start to hurt the hand if they’re used too much. We’re excited to see what advancements can be made and to find out what kind of basic manual handling equipment will be improved next.”

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