Unveils Groundbreaking Answer Builder Tool for Interview Prep Success Unveils Groundbreaking Answer Builder Tool for Interview Prep Success

InterviewGold, the online platform dedicated to helping job seekers land their dream role, has launched a groundbreaking new tool designed to put an end to awkward silences and poor answers when presented with a tricky question at interview.

The innovative Answer Builder tool is set to revolutionise the way candidates prepare for upcoming job interviews by writing strong answers to a wide range of interview questions – specific to the job role and employer.

In today’s highly competitive job market, a strong interview performance is critical to stand out – and generic answers to probing questions just won’t cut it. Answer Builder combines quality and speed, giving high-quality, perfectly formed interview answers within minutes. Each is tailored to the candidate’s own experience and optimised with perfect STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) competency responses.

Joe McDermott, CEO of, says, “We understand the challenges job seekers face during the interview process. For candidates who often feel like they don’t know what to say, or worry about giving confusing answers, Answer Builder is a secret weapon which means no more going blank when presented with a tricky question by an experienced interviewer.

“It really is a game-changer, with personalised, expert-level answers that give candidates a significant edge. We are committed to helping our users land their desired jobs with confidence and ease, and Answer Builder is our latest innovation to help us do just that.”

With InterviewGold, users can discover the interview questions most likely to arise, engage in realistic mock interviews with over 80% accuracy, and practice and prepare online at their convenience. The platform’s sophisticated algorithms and extensive database make it a reliable resource for job seekers at any level.

“InterviewGold provides a comprehensive interview skills training course online, featuring over 100 expert lessons, video tutorials, and more,” McDermott adds. “This helps candidates to develop the techniques and confidence needed to excel in any interview scenario.”

Of course, to excel in an interview, candidates must first get to the interview stage – and can help with that, too! For those in the application stage, InterviewGold offers tools to create correctly structured cover letters, personal and suitability statements tailored to any role.

Developed by a team of professional interview coaches, InterviewGold has been guiding clients into great jobs for the past 18 years. The platform’s content is continually updated, giving users only the most current and practical advice.

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