Introducing Candydate: Apply Like TikTok, Hire Like Tinder

Introducing Candydate: Apply Like TikTok, Hire Like Tinder

Businesses frustrated with time-consuming recruitment can now transform their hiring process thanks to a smart new platform which leverages dating strategies, AI and video to help businesses of all sizes find the best fit for their vacant positions. is an innovative Applicant Matching System (AMS) which uses short videos and assistive AI technology to transform the traditionally arduous hiring process. It marries the visual appeal of social media-style video with the efficiency of artificial intelligence s, while underscoring the importance of first impressions and collective decision making. It’s TikTok meets Tinder, but for recruitment and the result is an experience that makes the hiring process as sweet as candy.

Unlike conventional  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Candydate adapts to every avenue where job vacancies are advertised. From online platforms to print media, web portals, Tweets, stickers, and t-shirts, Candydate is wherever the opportunity is. It’s simple: candidates can directly apply to a job offer without the hassle of forms, accounts, or downloads, using a link or QR code.

All that’s required is a short video where candidates can express their personality and compatibility with the role, giving employers a more authentic representation of their applicants. This innovative approach mirrors speed dating, where compatibility is often gauged in the first few minutes.

What sets Candydate apart from other recruitment processes is its AI-driven personality assessment. Advanced algorithms evaluate applicants based on a wide range of factors – from body language and personal traits to content – ensuring a strong alignment with both the role and the company’s culture. This approach makes the screening process faster and more efficient, leading to a drastic reduction in time-to-hire. Candydate makes hiring as easy as watching engaging videos or pressing a like button, all the while maintaining the rigour required to build a cohesive team.

Candydate understands the diverse needs of different businesses, and therefore offers two options. There is an entirely free plan tailor-made for bootstrapping start-ups and gives the everything they need to manage their recruitment process at no cost. For larger businesses and those with more frequent hiring needs, the affordable PRO plan, priced at $99/month is ideal for non-stop hiring and more advanced needs.

Aleesa Coe Candydate operations manager said, “Hiring is a challenging process, especially for small businesses without the luxury of recruitment expert and extensive HR tools. Candydate levels the playing field and provides an effective and affordable way for businesses to discover the right talent. Skills can be learned, but personality remains.

“We aim to find candidates who seamlessly blend into a company’s culture and ethos, promoting a harmonious and more productive work environment. By focusing on personality traits, we hope to assist employers in avoiding costly hiring mistakes that occur when technical capabilities overshadow alignment with core values and goals.”

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