Introducing Casa Mencarelli: A clean beauty revolution fuelled by pure Italian passion

Introducing Casa Mencarelli: A clean beauty revolution fuelled by pure Italian passion

Pure Italian passion. Lush Mediterranean ingredients. Organic skincare gets a bellissima upgrade this month as the luxurious new line from Casa Mencarelli launches a clean beauty revolution for skin craving a total wellness experience. The five piece, ultra-lux collection of beautiful skincare products pays homage to beauty as nature intended with a bounty of traditional Italian ingredients, carefully hand-picked to nurture glowing, healthy skin all year round.

Free of essential oils, mineral oils and synthetics, with no fillers and no added fragrances, Casa Mencarelli products are certified organic by COSMOS and the Social Association. At the base of each luscious green beauty product are the colours and aromas of Italy – fresh and fruity extra virgin olive oil, tomato seed oil to promote skin elasticity, deeply hydrating and anti-aging rice bran oil, wonderfully soothing almond oil, grape seed oil and citrus fruit. Casa Mencarelli also sources a unique, rich green clay from uncontaminated clay pits, dense in ultra beneficial oligoelements and minerals from the Sicilian sea.

A saviour for those who crave a healthy lifestyle and naturally glowing skin, the Casa Mencarelli range is the epitome of assured elegance and beauty that runs more than skin deep.

Lucia Mencarelli, founder of Casa Mencarelli, has imbued the collection with a signature Italian passion for striking design, the very best freshest ingredients and perfectly dewy, glowy skin that radiates health. She said, “I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity a few years ago which meant I had to revolutionize my lifestyle and go 100% organic, in an attempt to reduce my exposure to toxic chemicals and therefore minimize strong allergic reactions. It all started with a body lotion that caused me anaphylactic shock and changed my life forever.

“I realised how many high street products from cosmetics to soaps, perfumes, cleaning products and washing liquid contained artificial ingredients that could cause an adverse reaction. I looked for healthy green alternatives without success, so I started making my own skincare products, using fresh, food-grade organic ingredients. Real, clean green beauty is the result.

My mission is to lead the Clean Beauty Revolution with pure 100% Italian passion. The best for skin and for the environment, because we want our customers to feel… bellissima!”

For parched skin in need of a hydrating boost, the Casa Mencarelli Bellissima Sea Buckthorn Balm is packed with antioxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to repair and regenerate the cells. It moisturises, nurtures and protects, leaving skin feeling soft, supple and intensely silky. The balm is ideal for dry skin.

The Sicilia Lemon and Clay face Mask & Scrub imparts a delicate zesty zing, while the mineral rich clay gently draws out impurities and sloughs off dead cells to leave skin cleansed and refreshed.

A sublime facial nectar rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acid, the Sole e Mare Sea Buckthorn Serum glides onto skin, regenerating and repairing damaged cells and boosting collagen production to restore radiance and suppleness.

Brimming with organic goodness, the intensely nourishing Crema Di Pomodoro Nourishing Tomato Night Cream & Cleanser has a delicious natural aroma and leaves skin radiantly soft. Decadent and luxurious, it sinks into skin when used as a moisturiser, but can also be used to cleanse skin of grime, dirt and make-up, resorting wonderful hydration and leaving skin glowing with natural beauty.

Finally, the Acqua Di Miele Honey & Orange Toner is delicate yet effective made with organic orange blossom flower water and a golden drizzle of the finest Italian honey. Moisturising and emollient, it maintains the natural PH balance of the skin, making it perfect for acne-prone, mature and also sensitive skin.

In addition to the decadent, natural skincare range, the Casa Mencarelli collection also includes organic cotton face cloths, a vegan foundation brush made in Italy, mini gift-box and gift cards.

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