Introducing Cybex Cave: The New App Tackling Surging Cyber Crime

Introducing Cybex Cave: The New App Tackling Surging Cyber Crime

Cybex Cave, the innovative new app designed with privacy and confidentially front of mind, has launched worldwide to help individuals protect themselves from identity fraud – officially one of the fastest growing cyber crimes in the world.

Figures from CIFAS[1], the UK’s leading fraud prevention agency, confirm that identify fraud is surging on UK shores, with an 11% increase in cases in the six months to June. CIFAS says that a case is recorded on the National Fraud Database every two minutes, and this will increase into 2022 as cyber criminals attempt to benefit from the post-pandemic economic recovery.

Cybex Cave has been designed by security experts Cybex Security for the high net worth individual with privacy and confidentiality in mind, giving next level identity protection. The most private documents that a user may require for presentation to banks, solicitors, government bodies or other official entities such as; copies of passports, birth certificates, wills and title deeds are all stored in a secure Swiss cave. Users can access files with their personal safe through the Cave app.

In addition to this, a puritanical zero knowledge architecture is employed to ensure only the user can or will view any private documents, no record of access, or of documentation is stored on the device used.

Alongside this, the Cybex Cave app utilises a unique, rock-solid, double encryption algorithm. This provides another line of protection against those aiming to take advantage of some else’s private assets.

Cybex CEO, Miguel David Castaneda said, “Technology is constantly developing and hackers find new ways to exploit technology with each passing year. The only way to ensure the protection of private data is to have complete control of it. Cybex Cave makes this possible.

“Cybex Cave has an end-to-end encryption storage solution to protect sensitive documents. Documents are housed inside our fully secure, off-grid, private document storage solution, so you can rest easy knowing the documents you care about most are protected.”

Cybex Cave is available on both iOS and Android. Download it from the Apple Store:

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