Introducing Desi Curry Kit - The Healthy, Delicious Solution to a Global Problem

Introducing Desi Curry Kit – The Healthy, Delicious Solution to a Global Problem

It’s never been more important to eat healthily, but that doesn’t mean flavour or convenience have to be compromised. Desi Curry Kits are the perfect, tasty and healthy solution for busy people who love food but don’t have the time to make everything from scratch.

It’s common knowledge that food choices have a huge impact on health and waistlines. But with modern life getting busier, millions of people still choose convenience over health, which can lead to a range of health problems including obesity, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has made making healthy choices even more difficult – exercise has been limited, and lockdown has led many to overeat and consume more junk food. There is also mounting evidence that obesity is a leading factor in deaths from Covid-19, with some cardiologists blaming the food industry for normalising ultra processed, fast food.

Desi Curry Kits was founded in 2009 by Mark Doyle, just a few months before his untimely death. Mark had a real affinity for India and its culture, food and people, having worked with his father Lawrence setting up an ingredients manufacturing business in the country. Inspired by his travels and his upbringing in Birmingham – the home of the Balti – he had a vision to develop authentic Indian meals for a UK audience.

Lawrence has taken the reins of the business as a tribute to Mark and his passion for Indian cuisine. He said, “It was always important to Mark that Desi Kits should be produced in India, providing opportunities for the people he grew to know and love over the years, so I have taken the decision to base the factories in Nashik, Maharashtra. Our kits are packed with authentic tastes and made with authentic ingredients but are also fresh, healthy and convenient.”

The kits currently come in five varieties – Jalfrezi, Korma, Bhuna, Saag and Tikka – and contain a delicious mix of spices, sauteed onions and ginger and garlic paste. Simpy add the meat, fish or veg of choice and a couple of extras such as tinned tomatoes or yogurt, depending on the specific kit. The result is an authentic Indian meal that tastes delicious and can be served in less than the time it would take for a takeaway to arrive. Better still, every kit is deceptively healthy – low in salt, sugar and fat, with each serving containing under 100 calories.

Not only are these simple curry kits amazingly flavoursome, convenient and healthy, they also make an attractive addition to any kitchen. The recyclable cardboard packaging is decorated with Indian style designs in an array of colours, which when stored together make a colourful display on the shelf.

Desi Curry Kits can be ordered online for just £2.99. To find out more, visit