Introducing HiiGuru: A Startup Delivering On-Demand Virtual Advice from Real-Life Vetted Gurus

Introducing HiiGuru: A Startup Delivering On-Demand Virtual Advice from Real-Life Vetted Gurus

What happens when friends and family don’t have the answers to everyday problems? Introducing HiiGuru, the brand new platform which pairs human interaction and intelligence with video technology to give everyone access to the advice they need to lead a fulfilling, stress-free life.

From getting a baby to sleep to interior design advice, perfecting the ultimate winged eyeliner to fixing a leaky tap, HiiGuru closes the gap between people with knowledge and insights and the people who need them. As well as saving both time and money, it empowers everyone to learn and find solutions for their everyday lives, using the power and connectivity of video calls and live one-to-one chat, because sometimes, Googling it just won’t do.

HiiGuru Founder and CEO Dara Chen said, “For some things, we might be lucky enough to have a contact in our phone book who we can turn to for advice, but that’s not always the case for every problem or question. Watching a YouTube video or looking up something on a search engine doesn’t always offer a clear answer and in addition to being time consuming, it’s often the case that the information isn’t accurate or personalised to your own situation.

“At the same time, there is an incredible amount of human talent out there which is often overlooked or before now, was difficult to access. Some people spend their entire lives developing and honing their knowledge and skills on a particular discipline. These Gurus have so much wisdom to impart. By connecting them with people who value their advice, we are able to support the Gurus to continue thriving in their area of expertise.”

HiiGuru’s disruptive new approach to knowledge sharing and sage advice is delivered by a team of Gurus, chosen for their specific knowledge and proven expertise in a particular subject. Each Guru is stringently vetted and available to share their wisdom in a range of convenient formats, from video calls and audio to live chat sessions on-demand, around the clock. Guru sessions can be pre-booked or initiated instantly for complete convenience and there’s a full money back guarantee if the client is unsatisfied with the advice they received.

HiiGuru currently offers support across four main pillars and will expand this further in coming months;

  • Home (for repairs and plumbing, interior design and cleaning)
  • IT (for IT equipment and networking support)
  • Baby (for general advice, sleep tips, lactation help, weaning, potty training and challenging behaviours) and
  • Beauty (for skincare consultations and makeup tutorials)

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