Inventive app from Mymanu offers new way to stream, discover, and share music

Inventive app from Mymanu offers new way to stream, discover, and share music

A new product from Mymanu is set to become the must download app for audiophiles and music industry professionals alike thanks to its range of innovative features. Through making different music streaming services accessible in a single, user friendly place, allowing playlists to be shared based on geo-location, and the ability to create unique sounds, Mymanu Play is set to transform music.

The creative app was designed with music lovers and the digital age in mind. Music subscription streaming is big business, growing by 49% in the UK reaching £251 million1 in 2015, with top services including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal. Mymanu Play offers users a single place to access streaming services, ensuring they always have their favourite tunes at just the touch of a button. The app even lets users share their latest discoveries and playlists via social media platforms and an innovative geo-location facility, enabling users to see what others are listening to within their area – an invaluable tool for local and upcoming artists that want to promote their sound.

Danny Manu, Founder of Mymanu, said, “Streaming means that we always have access to our favourite music through smartphones but with so many different services it can be a chore to find exactly what you’re looking for. Mymanu Play acts as an easy, fast access point for music lovers to stores all their files and streams. We wanted to take the thrill of discovering a new sound social and the app makes it simple to discover what others are listening too and share their own playlists.”

Another key feature of Mymanu Play is the ability to create new sounds like a pro by using the 16 pre-made pre-sets equaliser on the app, all developed by top record producers and audio engineers. With the capability to create and share new sounds, the app could inspire the next generation of music producers and give them a platform to build an audience. While Mymanu Play will work with any headphones, Mymanu is a brand that’s dedicated to delivering high quality sound and its Mymanu Clik Bluetooth earphones are a perfect partner to its app, ensuring that no beat is missed even when users are on the go.

Mymanu Play is available for both iOS and Android.

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