With prime locations in Streatham and Peckham catering to over 100+ classes a week, Yogarise, one of the most progressive yoga studios, launches its £300K fundraising campaign today.

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London, UK; Yogarise has announced the initiation of its first round of Series A investment, with a fundraising goal of £300K. Thus far, the campaign has garnered substantial interest, with over 10% of the target already raised from prospective investors.

As a brand, Yogarise has attained widespread recognition for its provision of exceptional yoga instruction led by some of London’s most talented practitioners. This reputation has been cultivated since the studio’s establishment in 2014 and has been reinforced through the brand’s inclusion in various reputable publications such as Time Out, The Guardian, Metro and Women’s Health. The studio is run by the husband-and-wife duo Sean and Emma Hitzelberger and has been serving the local communities of Peckham Rye and Streatham for 9 years with distinction.

“Yogarise is dedicated to providing affordable, accessible yoga classes and even more so in the current climate. We want to positively impact people’s lives through our studios and are always on the lookout for new ways to do this. We now have eight Community Yoga Classes and a Free Mindfulness session every week”. — Sean & Emma Hitzelberger.

But it’s not just about the yoga. Yogarise is dedicated to making wellness cost-effective for all, with a special focus on addressing the cost-of-living crisis. The studio offers free mindfulness, Community Yoga for £5 and a variety of other classes in a welcoming and comfortable environment. The Company also has plans to expand its offering to include Continuing Professional Development yoga training courses and retreats, as well as being the first to offer a ‘Daily Graduate Class’, a platform for graduates of their teacher training programme to gain enhanced teaching experience.

The health and fitness market in the UK is on the rise, projected to be worth £1.62Bn (1). The UK yoga market alone is currently worth £908M (2022), growing at 2% yearly. Responsible for $9Bn (£6.76Bn) worth of industry spending in 2020, the UK ranked 9th in the top wellness tourism destination markets. On average, UK yoga classes comprise 15 people; indicating around 300,000-460,000 people partake across the Union weekly (2).

Now is a great time to own a growing yoga studio brand!

Looking to invest in a growing and innovative yoga brand? Now is the perfect time to get involved with Yogarise. With its fundraising campaign, you can own a stake in a studio without needing to handle day-to-day operations.

Through a minimum investment of £5000, you can gain a 0.25% equity stake in Yogarise, making it easy and accessible for anyone to become a part of the brand.

Want to know more about what Yogarise is all about? Visit its flagship studio in Peckham, London and see why the Company is revolutionising the yoga scene. With prime locations, top-notch instructors, and a commitment to accessibility, Yogarise is a smart and exciting investment opportunity.

Experience the yoga revolution and invest in Yogarise today.

Potential investors are encouraged to register their interest early by contacting Managing Director Sean Hitzelberger at or visiting to download the Investment Prospectus.