Is Algae the Secret to a Healthier Future? Apokra’s New Sustainable Omega-3 Formula Revolutionises Health Supplements

Is Algae the Secret to a Healthier Future? Apokra’s New Sustainable Omega-3 Formula Revolutionises Health Supplements

Apokra, a leading innovator in plant-based health supplements, is poised to launch a groundbreaking range of algae-based omega-3 products, designed to support health across all life stages. The latest addition to their portfolio, set to launch at the end of June 2024, is the highly anticipated Omega-3 DHA & EPA tablet.

Apokra first made waves in 2021 with the introduction of Apokra Vegan Omega-3 DHA for Kids Drops. This pioneering product offered a sustainable, ethical alternative to traditional fish oil, harnessing the power of algae to provide high levels of DHA, an essential fatty acid for children’s development.

Dietician Seline Camarena explains, “DHA is critical for normal development during infancy and toddlerhood, supporting optimal vision and cognitive growth. Apokra Kids DHA, made from algae oil, is a fish-free option suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Free from artificial sweeteners, sugar, and preservatives, its kid-friendly dosage and subtle orange flavor make it the perfect choice for recommended DHA supplementation.”

Apokra’s Kids DHA is a standout product, available through retail giant Superdrug, with whom Apokra is collaborating to deliver a sustainable, safe, and great-tasting omega-3 option for children. This unique product combines Swiss-sourced algae omega-3 with Italian olive oil, ensuring a pure and potent formulation free from sugar, preservatives, artificial additives, heavy metals, and pollutants.

The result is a fuss-free, fish-free alternative that meets the daily omega-3 requirements for children, making it a hit among parents and kids alike. Building on this initial success, Apokra also developed world-first algae omega-3 formulations specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The upcoming release of Apokra Omega-3 DHA & EPA tablets is an exciting new step in Apokra’s mission to provide sustainable and effective omega-3 solutions. These new tablets are designed for adults seeking a highly absorbable and scientifically validated omega-3 source.

Clinically studied for their superior absorption, these tablets boast a 5X higher bioavailability compared to standard fish or algal oil capsules, thanks to a unique formulation that combines omega-3 fatty acids with the amino acid lysine. This advanced technology ensures that less omega-3 is needed to achieve the desired health benefits, making it an eco-friendly choice in a small tablet with no fishy taste or aftertaste.

With their comprehensive range of algae-based omega-3 supplements, Apokra is set to revolutionize the health supplement market. From the acclaimed Kids DHA Drops to the new DHA & EPA tablets, Apokra continues to lead the way in providing high-quality, sustainable nutrition that supports a healthier future for all.

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