iScripts makes building a streaming platform effortless with iScripts VisualCaster 2.0

iScripts makes building a streaming platform effortless with iScripts VisualCaster 2.0

iScripts VisualCaster is an on-demand video streaming solution that helps startups and entrepreneurs build world-class streaming platforms.

April 14, 2022: iScripts, a global leader in turnkey software solutions, has today announced the release of the latest iteration of their on-demand video streaming software, VisualCaster 2.0. VisualCaster enables its users to effortlessly create top-notch video streaming websites and apps at a fraction of the cost of similar alternatives. With its exhaustive administrative dashboard, the software, once hosted, takes minimal effort to update, customize and make live on any domain.

The online streaming industry has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years. With this, there is an increased demand for both streamable content as well as robust platforms that can host them. However, building a streaming service from scratch isn’t exactly easy. Entrepreneurs or businesses who venture into the segment need extensive technical knowledge, incorporate numerous integration options and be ready to optimize it for multiple devices. This is why turnkey software such as iScripts VisualCaster has found interest from no code or low code seekers as they can leverage superior streaming features and integrations without the hassle of coding or hiring a developer.

Speaking at the launch, Aji Abraham, CEO of said that “iScripts VisualCaster provides a world-class streaming experience for your business to grow and maintain a loyal viewership. With new upgrades such as multi-device compatibility and push notification, your users can consume their favorite content whenever and wherever they choose.” He adds that “VisualCaster 2.0 comes with an intuitive user interface that viewers of any county and demographic will find right at home using.”

The biggest advantage of iScripts VisualCaster 2.0 is its ease of use, even for people with no technical or coding skills. Everything is plug-and-play, and once the software is hosted on a server, all that remains is to add logos and relevant content through the central administrative dashboard. With Unencrypted source code access, administrators can also change the look and feel of every part of the platform and even customize it to their requirements.

End users who consume the business’ content are treated to features such as offline viewing (downloadable content), provision to create a favorite/watch list, cast to a different screen, auto subtitles and an advanced recommendation engine. Additionally, the platform is multilingual and can be used to host videos from various languages and countries.

Monetization avenues are aplenty, with options to choose between subscriptions, 3rd-party ads, or even hybrid models. Perhaps the most significant change in the latest iteration of VisualCaster is its multi-device compatibility- the software is now available for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

With the release of its latest update, VisualCaster 2.0 is comfortably positioned as one of the leading online streaming service builders in the world. The entire solution is available to purchase now at iScripts’ website by paying a one-time fee.

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