Japanese architect introduces his unique conceptual style to the European market

Japanese architect introduces his unique conceptual style to the European market

A Japanese design company lauded for its innovative take on conceptual style will bring its modern Asian aesthetic to Europe this autumn.

GAF Japan specialises in house, store, garden and construction garage design and development. Its designs have won over a number of influential brands and seen it take point on several high profile projects with its signature aesthetic making use of colour and shape. The design house will introduce this hallmark to Western commissions later this year, as it debuts its flair for transforming interior and exterior areas into modern, eye-catching spaces that showcase progressive and visual style in Europe for the very first time.

Hiroshi Okita, Managing Director, “I am delighted to be presenting our work to the European market. Japanese style is really making waves at the moment, with many companies attempting to break out to into different markets. While interior design does vary from country to country, what we have seen more recently is a heightened interest in the Japanese approach.

“Our work breaks boundaries by using everything at our disposal to create breath-taking spaces. Art of course plays a key role in what we do, and we always start projects with a strong idea, or concept. This will then play out and inform everything that we do, meaning that the idea that led to the creation of the work is actually seen to be more significant than the work itself.”

GAF Japan employs a unique building process that always begins with a conceptual art style. Its designs will often be inspired by drawings and art work produced by Artist Chiaki Daikoku, whose award-winning pieces are already beginning to gain recognition in Europe.

Japanese design and architecture is characterised by its complex and varied style. Often merging both modern and traditional elements and making it difficult to define. Typically, Japanese spaces are multi-functional and laid out in such a way as to maximise both space and light. This ethos is characteristic of the GAF Japan style – and one that the firm will champion with its European foray.

For more information about GAF Japan visit the website: http://www.gaf-art.com/

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