Winner Sana Pakatchi (in the middle) receiving the award, standing to the right is Parvaneh Alinaghian, Head of Maths Curriculum at the Harrow College.

JD Booster recognises top maths talent at Harrow College for fifth consecutive year

JD Booster, a leading provider of teaching supplements for 11-16-year-olds, has again been helping drive numeracy by recognising the talents of students at Harrow College with a sponsored Best in Maths award for the fifth year running.

Creators of a unique learning package that helps instil confidence in students in the subject and helps them to apply school-based teaching into everyday situations, JD Booster (JDB) has nurtured close ties with the college over the past five years and was proud to present the Best in Maths award to student, Sana Pakatchi.

The JDB Best in Maths award not only seeks to reward the abilities of the winner but also motivates other students to strive to improve their maths skills in a school setting which in turn will provide the numeracy foundation that many lack, as highlighted by number of recent government reports and findings, which further iterated that vast number of adults have maths skills that of a primary school child.

Hailed as an effective and engaging set of practical tools by teachers and parents alike, the JDB method has been credited with the ability to help to put an end to the ‘I hate maths’ attitude that can be prevalent among 11-16-year-old students and offers supplemental maths guide books, practical tests and written exercises to empower children to succeed in mathematics.

With many children struggling with anxiety in the subject of mathematics particularly, the JDB method strives to help children develop key skills in the area that they can put into practice in daily life and use in their future careers with confidence.

As a supporter of local school-aged children, JDB has also started to offer support in Maths to children in overseas countries such as Uganda and India with their unique fusion of practical exercises and engaging tests specifically designed to bolster their confidence in the subject.

Jay Jobanputra, Head of JD Booster, says, “We were delighted to sponsor the Best in Maths award once again at Harrow College, and it was great to see the students embracing the subject with such enthusiasm.

As supporters of local students and those overseas, we feel that our role is to reach as many children and give them the maths skills. As the building block of numeracy, this skill is just as critical as having the ability to read. We want to instil confidence in others and boost their career opportunities in later life.”

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