Jessica Marritt Leads the Aesthetics Industry with the Launch of "Back in a Ml" Podcast

Jessica Marritt Leads the Aesthetics Industry with the Launch of “Back in a Ml” Podcast

Jessica Marritt, renowned as the Face of Aesthetics, is setting new standards of excellence in the aesthetics industry with the launch of her groundbreaking podcast, “Back in a Ml with Jessica Marritt”.

As one of the industry’s leading figures, Jessica brings together medics and non-medics alike, uniting them under a shared vision of skill, style, and business acumen that sets the standards the public deserves.

Since entering the aesthetics arena in 2017, Jessica has been a trailblazer, shaping industry practices on an international scale. Her journey from skilled phlebotomist to distinguished non-surgical aesthetic practitioner is a testament to her unwavering dedication and pioneering spirit, in a perfect combination of art and cutting-edge science.

Commenting on the launch of the podcast, Jessica says, “Every action worthwhile begins with a passion that is worthy. I am passionate about my craft and extremely excited to launch ‘Back in a Ml,’ which will be a meeting ground to elevate the aesthetics industry by fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence among professionals from all walks of life.”

As the Founder and Director of Second Look Aesthetics, Jessica has established centres of excellence in aesthetic practice and education, setting the bar for professionalism and patient care. Her clinics in the United Kingdom and Spain are beacons of quality and innovation, attracting a diverse clientele from around the world.

“Back in a Ml with Jessica Marritt” promises to be a platform for industry insiders and enthusiasts alike, offering insights into the latest trends, techniques, and innovations in aesthetics. With a focus on industry standards, branding, business, and a unique social media approach, the podcast aims to inspire and educate listeners, driving the industry forward.

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